Dual Wield - Reboot 1.2


Thanks to jedijosh920 for the original mod

A wise man used to say "Double the gun, Double the fun". That's why Dual Wield mod by Jedijosh is all we need, sadly it's outdated. I've decided to redo the script and make it slightly prettier with a few new features.
Problem Installing, DM me or comment. Please read description till the end before asking

  • Ammo is now independent, it takes the original ammo and doubles it. It has its own ammo counter (on top right corner)
  • No more frequent crashes (e.g entering vehicle used to crash the mod)
  • More damage, now it adds player's damage. It used to utilize NPC damage only
  • Now, reloading will be done twice (reload one weapon at a time) and weapons are less accurate.
  • Fire rate is the same, cause it's the same gun only it holds and spits more bullets
  • Changing weapons while dual-wielding with no crashes
  • Heavy guns, and explosives cannot be dual-wielded, it doesn't make sense dual-wielding a mother-effing minigun
  • Attachments on the firearm will be carried over to the dual-wielded one
  • Controller supported, Aim and press Phone Right (DPad right on default game setting)
  • Improved animations from the original one, without using custom anims
  • Can be used in pair with Shootdodge: The Sequel

ScriptHookVDotNet3, I strongly recommend having the latest Nightly Version
This script was made on game version 3179, other versions are untested.

How to Install:
Inside the rar there are 2 things: DualWield.dll, DualWield.ini
Put all of them into the "/scripts" folder, the usual for script mods, located in gta main folder
After installation, In-game you can activate Dual Wield with X. You can change the key, turn off FakeRecoil or the new AimingAnims in the .ini config on that "/scripts" folder

  • First Person View may look weird when dual-wielding
  • Aiming from one object to the other with a big distance gap (e.g close target vs the sky) makes hands a little bit jumpy
  • Please reload in safe place, whenever you reload the character will stop
  • Animations may look weird, all anims is from the game no custom anims. I'm not a full-time modder/programmer, just a hobbyist. I won't respond requests or complains about animations, cry to someone else.
More Gore mod by IAmJFry. If you have this, disable its PlayerHealingAnimation in its XML settings, otherwise you'll have two overlapping guns in your right hand
Pickups by InfamousSabre might not running well when changing weapon with dual wield on, in my pc it's no problem.
Addon Weapons are untested, i never used addon weapon mods, so I can't guarantee this will work with those addon guns

  • Better Ammo Management, No ammo loss when changing weapons
  • Added small weapon rotation when aiming up-down
  • (Finally) Fixed FakeRecoil camera shaking even when set to 0
  • Fixed bug: Muzzle flash coming out of nowhere when aiming down
1.1.5 Bugfix:
  • Fixed crooked gun position when aiming down
  • Fixed broken gun position if switching dual wield on while aiming down
  • Dual-Wield while using Shootdodge Sequel v1.3 with limitation (Can't aim 360°, aim forward only)
  • Animation is adjusted, now the guns on FPS view don't look too high
  • Added animations when aiming very high or very low (e.g aiming heli or enemy below you), if it looks weird for you, you can turn it off in the config.
  • Animations altered when entering cover or jumping (the hands won't be closed together when holding rifles/smg).
  • Added recoils to the camera (a.k.a fake recoil), adjustable in the config
  • Player damage is raised, especially for non-auto guns
  • First release
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