Ejection Seat [.NET] 0.2.1


This mod is a work in progress! I will continue adding and fixing features as time goes on. Please leave all the feedback you can, and feel free to ask me any questions!

This mod allows you to press "Add" on your number pad in topless vehicles such as motorcycles, quadbikes, topless cars, convertibles, and even some planes to eject from them. Or, you can disable realism and use any vehicles. You will be launched very high into the air, where you can press "E" to blow up your car beneath you. There is also a text file to edit keys and some different values. With this mod, you can get out of any sticky situation in style!

  • Controller Support
  • Sound Effects
  • Fix Ejection seat prop
  • Allow shooting whilst going up

  Script Hook V
  Script Hook V .NET
1. Create a scripts folder in your GTAV game location if you have not done so already, and place EjectionSeat.cs as well as EjectionSeatSettings.txt in it.
2. Edit the values of EjectionSeatSettings.txt to your liking, using this site for a list of Keys.
3. Make sure you downloaded the above, and place ScriptHookV.dll, dinput8.dll, and ScriptHookVDotNet.asi in the main directory.

How to use
1.Set the values in the text file to anything you want. They do the following:
  • Countdown: Adds a 3, 2, 1 countdown until you eject.
  • Realism: With this disabled, you can eject from any vehicle.
  • Fire trail: Adds or disables a trail of fire that follows you up from below. Purely asthetic
  • Ejector Seat: This doesn't work properly, but I'm not sure about the idea. Try it out and tell me if you think I should fix it.
  • Push force: The force you are pushed up with. The default is 10.

2. Get into one of these vehicles (if realism is enabled):
  • Convertible (You will have to be still while the roof opens, if it hasn't already)
  • Topless Car, like a topless Coil
  • Motorbike
  • Quadbike
  • Bicycle
  • Planes with an open top, like the Stunt Plane
  • Planes with a windshield over the cockpit, like a Lazer

3. Press "Add" on the Numpad
4. While flying up, press "E" to blow up the vehicle you ejected out of.
5. Enjoy!

Thanks to
 libertylocked for some code, check code for more info.
 Ameybanaye for some help with code
  • You can now explode the vehicle at any point during the ascent

  • There is now a Text file where you can edit multiple different values to your liking.
  • The fire is less likely to kill you now.
  • An ejection seat, if set to true in the text file, can spawn with the rocket, and can simulate you being rocketed out of your car while still in your chair. This is currently not working, but I'm looking for your feedback to see if you like it.

  • It begins...
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