Farnsworth's Grand Theft Auto 1.5


This mod adds a crew that will recover abandoned vehicles, including cars with a dead driver. They will also get into shootouts with the police if they cross paths. If you have a police patrol mod installed, this will happen more often.
-Small change to weapon spawning

- ini file setting should work
-thieves will no longer take cars from around your house, unless you load there (working on load detection), some other bugs.

V 1.3 Update
Included setting in ini to stop thieves from targeting your last driven vehicle. Thieves will not target aircraft for now.

V 1.2 Update
Can now set frequency of random carjackings in included "ini" file. (Higher number is less frequent) More spawning fighting fixes.

V 1.1 Update
Fixed numerous bugs, some housekeeping. Crew spawning should be fixed. You should never see them spawn.

***NOTE*** Pressing "Insert" to reload your mods will make these characters inactive in the world. Although they are marked to be despawned by the game, reloading scripts in this manner may have ill effects.

Please let me know of any bugs, crits, or suggestions you may have.



ScripthookV.asi by Alexander Blade
ScripthookV.net by Crosire

Place the included .dll into your "scripts" folder inside your GTA V directory. The script is automatic and requires no input from the user.

Please do not re-upload, modify, or otherwise alter this mod. I am happy to help if you have questions, but please respect other people's work.
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First Uploaded: May 18, 2015
Last Updated: May 31, 2015
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May 18, 2015