Gruppe Sechs Job or Heist 1.5


With this mod you can now become a Gruppe Sechs security driver.
(Can only be played with Michael or Trevor)

Head over to the back door of the Fleeca Bank (location marked on map) and follow the on screen prompt to begin.

You will be given a Gruppe Sechs outfit, a guard as backup and a Stockade.
A selection of random store locations will be selected from all over the map, this mod utilizes all of the 24/7 stores, gas stations and liquor stores. When starting a job, you will be given up to 5 stores that you will have to visit. (the amount of pickups you'll have to complete changes every time)

Your task is to drive the Stockade to the store, head out back to the safe and collect the cash, place the cash case in to the Stockade and make the next pickup. Once all pickups are complete, you will need to deliver them to the Fleeca Bank.

With update 1.3, you now have the option of trying to steal all of the pickups from the truck for yourself if you want to. To do this you'll have to complete at least 1 pickup, stop the van somewhere and follow the prompt on screen to take out the guard and start looting the back. You'll be able to steal all the pickups and load them in to your duffel bag. You can then exit through the back and make a run for it. Lose the cops to keep the cash.

While driving the Stockade, there is a random chance that different groups of people might try to steal the cash from you. Each different group could be selected at random and they all range in difficulty. You could encounter 1 or 2 people in a car trying to stop you with pistols, you could encounter a group of masked people in a van with assault rifles, you could encounter multiple groups of people at the same time or you could encounter no one. The chances change constantly with each pickup you complete. If the cops spot anything suspicious, you will hear it on their radio.

Your pickups and total value will be displayed on the bottom right of the screen, when you complete all pickups - you will be paid for your work and your original outfit will be restored. Don't let your guard die and don't destroy the Stockade.

A legit Steam copy of the game
The latest updates installed
ScripthookV.NET - LATEST
Enable All Interiors / Open All Interiors

Copy the GruppeSechs.dll to your games scripts folder.

If you also use my All In One Menu mod, please make sure you have it updated to version 2.0. Version 1.9 will conflict with this and cause problems.

Version 1.1 contains a fix for Trevor being given a headband when switching back to his original outfit
Version 1.2 contains a small improvement to the way groups are handled.
Version 1.3 contains added ambient music from online, cop radio speech, added option to steal the cash for yourself and bug fixes.
Version 1.4 contains lots of updates and fixes to the heist feature and how you choose to go rogue.
Version 1.5 fixes a crash when going rogue.
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First Uploaded: May 25, 2021
Last Updated: March 19, 2022
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