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  • Heists2

    @NaijaMango Yeah I am currently working on and testing all of my mods on version 3.1.0 so I’m not really sure on why it wouldn’t work for you on that version.

    @defiant I am currently working on the way it works out the values of vehicles and playing around with it. There are a lot of vehicles and factors that the script will work out based on damage, customisation, speed, type.

    @lightthief It doesn’t support the Epic Games version. If you’re running the Steam version of the game and follow the instructions in the description then it will work.

    1 day ago
  • Heists2

    @Boss7349 I have plans to create more jobs/heists at some point for this mod heavily inspired by online. I also plan to update the jobs already available and improve them.

    I want to make them based around random locations/interiors and events though to maximise replayability.

    I may add cutscenes/voice overs to some jobs at some point, I can’t promise anything though as I feel it might make things seem a little repetitive having to watch the same cutscene over and over when doing a job.

    2 days ago
  • Heists2

    @Boss7349 I currently don’t have any plans to update my other mod featuring the GTA Online missions. I do plan on adding more jobs/missions to this mod though.

    @NaijaMango Glad it’s working for you now but it should support ScripthookV .NET v3.1.0.

    Originally I developed the script while using v3.03, but since it’s been updated I now use v3.1.0 and have worked on and tested all the latest updates for my mods with this version.

    2 days ago
  • Heists2

    I have just released another small update to this mod, version 1.9, I will list the changes below:

    Added a new job called Lester's High Priority Case, with this job you will have to steal the briefcase from a group of enemies, lose the Cops and deliver it to Lester's warehouse. These jobs have 20 different spawn points around the map that will randomly be selected - more will come.

    Added an option at the top of the Jobs & Heists menu called "Quick Job". This will randomly select a quick job for you to do from the list. Heists and other longer tasks will not be randomly selected.

    3 days ago
  • Heists2

    @thalilmythos Hmm, that's weird, sounds like it could be conflicting with another mod or something that also uses NativeUI. I'll take a look in to it and see if I can find anything that might cause it. Thank you for pointing the typo out, will fix that.

    @NaijaMango I'm not really sure on what could be causing it to not work for you as it works fine on mine. The only thing I can think of is maybe a requirement not up to date or properly installed or something.

    I've got the legit Steam version of the game installed, along with my mods and the following:

    .NET framework

    Scripthook V (LATEST)

    Scripthook V .NET (LATEST 3.1.0)

    NativeUI (LATEST 1.9.1)

    Do you have the latest Scripthook V, Scripthook .NET, NativeUI, .NET framework and game updates installed?

    3 days ago
  • Heists2

    @thalilmythos Will take a look in to it and see if I can encounter that problem on mine or work out what might cause it. Is this just when you do the Lester's distractions job or all the time?

    4 days ago
  • Heists2

    I have just released another update, version 1.8, I will list the changes below:

    Stockade Heist has been updated, there are now:
    *Random chances of the guard resisting and not allowing you to take him hostage, driving away
    *Random chances of the guard being armed with a pistol and firing at you if you attempt to stop him
    *Random chances of another guard with him as backup, carrying a special carbine
    *Random chances of the wanted level being higher and more difficult

    I have also fixed the bug where the cash would occasionally drop under the van or off to the side, it will now always drop right in front of the back doors after you blow them open.

    4 days ago
  • Heists2

    @Sagittarius_A You'll need one of them installed for the mod to work properly, I have only tested it on Enable All Interiors so I'd recommend that one out of the two.

    @ManWhoLaughs Awesome, glad it's working! I'll take a look at that and see if it could cause any problems.

    @ManWhoLaughs That's weird, I haven't encountered any problems with the doors not opening yet when testing. I'll probably add in a feature that will force it unlocked anyway in the next update though.

    @NaijaMango Do you have a legit Steam version of the game with all updates installed and the requirements that are listed in the description? (Along with updates to them as well) Perhaps it might be conflicting with another mod or something, I have been playing through each of the jobs today and haven't encountered any crashes or problems with them.

    4 days ago
  • Heists2

    @UgandanWarrior Latest update is version 1.7, for some reason when I listed update 0.2 it automatically changed it to 2.0 and won't let me change it.

    7 days ago
  • Heists2

    @ManWhoLaughs I'll take a look in to it and see if I can replicate this problem or work out what may be causing it.

    @elsanhoty I've been really busy lately with work and other projects so haven't really had the time to work on any mods. I've had a little bit of free time recently so have worked on some small updates to it. I'll release more updates at some point in the future (along with options to edit the controls) but I'm not sure exactly when.

    Another update has just been released, I will list the changes below.

    Re-written the prison bus heist - you now have to steal the prison bus schedule first from an officer before you can locate the bus.
    - It could be located in 4 different locations that range in difficulty:
    - The officers apartment - easy
    - A gas station - medium
    - A store - medium
    - The police station - hard - heavily guarded - you can enter through the front entrance, back door or roof, all affect the difficulty.
    Updates to Simeon's Repossessions - added more vehicles and spawn points.
    Added Simeon's Bike Repossessions - random motorbikes will be driving around the map, steal them and sell them to Simeon. Damage and customization will affect the payout.
    Added Mr Spoke's Repossessions - people have been stealing bicycles from Mr Spoke's Rental, steal them back and return them.
    Added Stockade Heist - If you don't already have explosives, drive to Ammu-Nation and get some, follow the cash Stockade (random locations, normally near banks, casino), take out the driver or take him hostage, blow the back doors off, steal the cash and lose the cops. How you approach this will affect the difficulty, if you take the driver hostage - the cops will be delayed and try to stop you, if you kill him the cops will act faster and try to shoot you. Once you blow the doors off, they will try to shoot you.
    Updates to random spawn locations and added locations, the list now changes based on the job type.
    Updates to the way payouts work.
    Minor bug fixes.
    Updates to gang meetups, more locations, changed the chance of cash cases randomly spawning.
    Updates to the blips & colours.

    I'm aware of a small bug with the Stockade Heist where occasionally the money case will spawn under the truck and will require you to move it - I am working on a fix for this.

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    7 days ago