Voldemort Spells Mod from Harry Potter 1.2


Version 1.2:
What's new:
-Press J to activate and deactivate the script
-Made the explosioncircle a bit cleaner, nicer to look at, also more powerful explosions.
-Added the Assistless Flight mechanic Voldemort and his death eaters use in Harry Potter. Special thanks to kevin73633 for all the help.

Controls for the flying:
Press G to turn into smoke or G to turn back into your previous ped.
use WASD and the direction of the camera to move around. Use Spacebar to go higher, shift to go lower

I intended this mechanic simply for flying around the map pretty fast in a satisfying way,
but for your pleasure, vehicles and other objects are knocked back immensly when you are near
and (sometimes) explode on touch.
So yeah, hope it is enjoyable to play around with. Updates will probably try to make the flying smoother.

Version 1.1: Uploaded properly (i think/hope) and made (most) lamps and other objects detach and react to the shockwave spell.

Made this for myself to have fun with on singleplayer, thought I'd post it to see if it could entertain someone else with it (even for a little while).

I like the mod better using the Harry Potter Wand By Meth0d: (optional)

But that's just an immersion thing. Sure it may not be voldemort's wand, but it's something. Voldemort Ped one day maybe?

I never made scripts before, but my little brother and I like gta 5, and I needed to find something where I could put the things I had learned to use.

CONTROLS (Spells only work if your current weapon is the Flare Gun, consider it your wand)
Aim + E : Electric Beam attack firing from your line of fire
X : Charges and releases a shockwave with the well known Voldemort scream
Z : Explosions around you with an angry Voldemort sound, be immortal before you use it.
Aim + B : Avada Kedavra, if a ped is your (gun's) sight, it'll activate and kill the ped. (might apply weird force to ped)

I intend to update this mod from time to time.

To do:
-Fire stuff
-ShieldDestroyingBeam (Getting closer with this one)
-Wingardium Leviosa (Not a priority)
-Protection shield with projectiles visibly being blocked and falling to the ground (making babysteps)

Thank you for trying it out
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