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Radio Toggle

This is my 2nd script that I've made for GTA V for my own needs.

What it does:

Tap "-" [Minus Sign] to toggle the Radio On/Off
Tap "*" [Asterisk] to change to a random Radio Station (only works when Radio is turned On)
Hold "*" [Asterisk] to go straight to a configurable Preferred Radio Station (only works when Radio is turned On)
Tap "/" [Divide Sign] to go back to the last listened Radio Station (only works when Radio is turned On)
Hold "/" [Divide Sign] to skip to the next song (only works when Radio is turned On)

What's configurable:

Preferred Radio Station - Any Radio Station, including Self Radio. When Self Radio it's not available, a random Radio Station will be used instead. [Default: Self Radio]
Start with the Preferred set Radio Station - Always change to the Preferred Radio Station when entering a new Vehicle [Default: Off]
Radio On/Off - Always start with the Radio turned Off when entering a new vehicle [Default: Off]


Script Hook V

LUA Plugin [v10] for Script Hook V (LUA v9 doesn't work)


- v0.1 - Innitial release

- v0.2 - Added setting for remembering Last vehicle's Radio status.
That was also the default behavior in v0.1, but now you
have the option to change it.

- Radio Off it's now independent from Set Default Station,
so you can Start with the Radio turned Off even if you
didn't set the Radio to start with the preferred Station.

- Minor changes in code.

- v0.3 - Pending ...
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