Super Yacht 1.2

Brings the Super Yachts from the Online to single player, with extra customization. You can place props/vehicles/peds on your Yacht and take them with you!
You need the new Online update, otherwise this will not work.

1. Install ScriptHookV
2. Install ScriptHookVDotNet v2.4
3. Unzip everything to the scripts/ folder. If it doesn't exist, create it.

Map Editor Integration
You can create prop maps for yachts. These objects/vehicles/peds will be teleported with you when you move your boat.
First of all, install Map Editor. Go to External Mods and select either of the yachts. A yacht will be created near the pier for you to place your props. When done, press Save Map, type in the map name and select the boat models the map is available for. Done! Take note that you will not be able to load the map back into the map editor.

Known Issues
- You can't change the boat's paint pattern or the plaque, since I don't know how to (yet).

-- Removed the F5 menu. Now you can purchase new Yachts at Puerto Del Sol Marina. (Marked by a blue yacht on the map).
-- Added live preview when purchasing the yachts.
-- You can't relocate the yacht to an already occupied location.
-- Added option to sell the yacht.
-- No more insolid boats.
-- Interiors!
-- The menu is now available by walking to the bridge controls and pressing E (or DPAD Right). You still need to purchase boats with F5. (but not for long)
-- Lots of bugfixes!
-- Initial release
First Uploaded: December 16, 2015
Last Updated: December 18, 2015
Last Downloaded: 8 minutes ago

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  • Default

    whats the key bind? To buy the yacht??

    June 01, 2016
  • Michael

    when I buy a superyacht, I was in the water, and there are only a round circle of blue, and when I push, I immediately became a black screen ... how ya please !!!

    June 05, 2016
  • Default

    To change the color, use the different texture sets on the yacht's main body and some other parts.

    June 12, 2016
  • 6d4ed7 avatar64200 8

    is this still working for some people???

    June 15, 2016
  • 1403b7 f94d starfire2

    @Guadmaz Hello Guadmaz. Do you have an idea on how can i create an interior for the yacht of my last map?
    Or simply use your mod to place a yacht in my "lake"?
    https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/underwater-headquarters-covered-by-yacht-partyOr simply use your mod to place a yacht in my "lake"

    June 17, 2016
  • Default

    Can't even see the marker D:

    June 25, 2016
  • Default

    its not working D:

    June 28, 2016
  • Default

    Can you please update this?

    [22:39:42] [ERROR] Failed to load assembly 'SuperYacht.dll':
    System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.
    at System.Reflection.RuntimeModule.GetTypes(RuntimeModule module)
    at System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes()
    at GTA.ScriptDomain.LoadAssembly(String filename, Assembly assembly)

    July 24, 2016
  • 7268bc gta 5 foto

    its still working for me even after all updates and dlc's and all updated schripthooks this mod will not work mostly if u got not an legal version of the game i had tha problem too with some mods after that i bought the legal version every mod works for me so buy the legal version it fix 95% of all

    August 01, 2016
  • Default

    I already have openinteriorsv4 mod + your benny's motorworks, no option to stop this mod from enabling the dlc maps?

    August 04, 2016
  • Gtao47

    This mod is no longer update? It's dead?

    August 07, 2016
  • Default

    @HWKEye me too

    August 12, 2016
  • Default

    I did everything but marker isn't set anywhere.. please help...

    August 13, 2016
  • Default

    i dont know how to install it what do you mean by scripts/folder

    August 27, 2016
  • Default

    This mod works fine and I can get my yacht(s) and everything. Just a stupid question though...what do you DO with your yacht now that you have it? I can stand on it and fly either helicopter off it...and that's it?

    September 02, 2016
  • Default

    its work in pirated game

    September 11, 2016
  • Chop

    Everytime i hit E to create my yacht it goes in to a loading screen and stays there.. FOREVER...

    Pls Help

    September 11, 2016
  • Default


    September 14, 2016
  • Michael

    @quollmole you have to right click and create a new folder called "scripts" in you gta 5 main directory and then just place all the files that you downloaded in there

    September 25, 2016
  • Default

    Nice mod, unfortunately I had to uninstall it because it screwed with my Single Player Garage, I kept falling through garage floors with it. Also for some strange reason the garage doors of the Eclipse Tower garage opens with this mod, it does not without.

    2 days ago
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