GIMS Evo with GTA V Support 9.5.2017 20:27 UTC


This is a script for 3D MAX - Game Indefinite Modding Suite Evolved (GIMS Evo) with GTA V support.

What can you do using the current version:
Import and export collisions(OBN/OBD)
Import and export models(ODR/ODD)

+RAM: minimum 2 Gb(with equal or bigger swap file), recommended 4 or more.
+Internet connection(not required, but used for web installation, updates, and error reports).

+Windows 7, or any newer.
+The newest .NET Runtime recommended.
+Any 3D MAX version from 9(with Service Pack 2 and \"AvGuard DLX Extension\") to 2016.
+It's strongly recommended to install all 3D MAX updates and Service Packs.
OpenIV's required for openFormatsGame_Resource (OBNYBN, OBDYBD, etc.) conversion.

Additional openFormats info's on the OpenIV website.

Manual installation version is here: http://gims.openiv.com/downloads/GIMS/EvoGIMS_manualinstall.rar
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