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    dude the first actual mod based on well done animatons instead of menus,well done man

    7 days ago
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    Can you tell me the visual settings u added? There is another spotlight mode and I'd like to to use the same visual effects. Thanks/.

    August 01, 2018
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    Well to be fair if you install LSPDFR npc cops when aiming on a suspect they have the laser. Did really that mod bing the beta laser back? Idk if it wasn't totally cut from the game files,since the arrest animations re working well.

    January 04, 2018
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    Really good work! I like that you are focusing to get the cop npc's abilities and I have a suggestion 4 you:since the veh controller script managed to toggle the heli soptlight,can you add the ability to move it or to track a veh or ped? If you do,will be great.

    December 03, 2017
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    How do I use the megaphone in a police vehicle? Works while running LSPDFR? If I press to on and play all the speeches the character just speak by his mouth? So how megaphone works in this case?

    October 15, 2017