Vanillaworks Extended Pack [Add-On | OIV | Tuning | Liveries] 2.0


Vanillaworks Extended is an add-on pack that includes a collection of lore-friendly vehicles and peds from various different mod creators.

- This pack will replace the carcols.ymt, carvariations.ymt, dispatch.meta, gameconfig.xml, popcycle.dat, popgroups.ymt, vehicles.meta, vehiclemodelsets.meta & vehshare.ytd files. If you want to ensure that there's no conflicts with any of the other mods you have installed it is recommended to install this pack on a clean copy of the game (or of the "mods" folder) and only then start adding other mods in to the game. (This may however cause certain features of this pack to stop working.)

- The 2.2 version (coming at some point in the future) will include an "Upgrade" option that lets you only install the added/changed vehicles along with any other changes that have been made in that version. This is so that people who have already downloaded the pack once before don't have to download the whole pack again just to get the new changes.

- Game version: 1.0.1290.1 - Doomsday Heist Update (Older versions of the game are not supported)
- Mods folder
- A trainer such as Simple Trainer or Menyoo

- 11john11
- 13stewartc
- Alex_Ashfold
- AlexanderLB
- AlexVonShep
- Algonquin Hood
- Aquamenti
- Artistraaw
- Bob322
- Boywond
- Break
- Carrythxd
- Cass
- cp702
- CushinForDaPushin
- Da7K
- Dani02
- Darewnoo
- Dilapidated
- DynamoHotRun
- Figureight
- fummy
- Glennoconnell
- GLion
- ilayarye
- Jay Jay
- Johnny362000
- JoonasPRKL
- KermanRB12
- Lozano71
- Lt.Caine
- Lundy
- MGgames100
- Murcielago
- OtherSideGuy
- RDE Team
- ReNNie
- RileyBlue
- Tall70
- Testarossa
- TG_Stig
- TheF3nt0n
- TheAdmiester
- Voit Turyv
- Widowmaker
- WildBrick142
- Xepy
- Yard1

Full credits can be found in the ReadMe file.

- Over 200 high quality lore-friendly vehicles
- 4 high quality lore-friendly peds
- Multiple new NPC modified vehicles made from the vehicles included in this pack
- Over 100 new NPC modified vehicles made from the base game and DLC vehicles
- DLC vehicle color variations
- Pack vehicles spawn naturally in traffic
- Two Vanillaworks License Plates
- Uninstall .OIV Package

- IVPack
- Realism Dispatch Enhanced
- Vanillaworks Extended Livery Pack
- World of Variety

The mods that are listed above are fully compatible with this pack. Other mods may or may not work with it.

- Added 11john11's BCSO Retro Pack (bcso, bcso2, bcso3)
- Added 11john11's & glennconneli's FIB Vapid Stanier (fbi6)
- Added 11john11's LSPD Declasse Premier (police15)
- Added 13stewartc's Albany Primo Beater (primo3)
- Added 13stewartc's Declasse Burrito Custom (burrito7)
- Added 13stewartc Stanley Fieldmaster Custom (tractor4)
- Added Algonguin Hood's Imponte Ruiner Classic Vice (ruiner6)
- Added Bob322's Albany Emperor Limousine Monster (monster2)
- Added Bob322's Albany Emperor Meth (emperor7)
- Added Bob322's Annis Elegy RH-5 Drift Missile (elegy5)
- Added Bob322's Annis Elegy Retro Drift Missile (elegy4)
- Added Bob322's Barrage Stock (barrage2)
- Added Bob322's BF Injection Raid (bfinjection3)
- Added Bob322's BMX Custom (bmx2)
- Added Bob322's Boat Trailer XL (boattrailer2)
- Added Bob322's Canis Mesa SWB (mesa5)
- Added Bob322's Car Trailer (no ramps variant) (cartrailer2)
- Added Bob322's Cheval Dingo (dingo) & Cheval Dingo SS (dingo2)
- Added Bob322's Cheval EB X-Mas Boomerang SS (boomerang7)
- Added Bob322's Declasse Rancher SUV (rancher4) & Declasse Rancher XL SUV (rancherxl3)
- Added Bob322's Declasse Yosemite 6x6 (yosemitexl3)
- Added Bob322's Declasse Yosemite Dually (yosemitexl2) & Declasse Yosemite Non-Dually (yosemite4)
- Added Bob322's Declasse Yosemite Retro (yosemite2)
- Added Bob322's Declasse Yosemite SUV (yosemite3) & Declasse Yosemite XL SUV (yosemitexl)
- Added Bob322's Dundreary Regina Sedan (regina4)
- Added Bob322's Dundreary Regina X-Mas (regina5)
- Added Bob322's HVY Barracks Classic (barracks5)
- Added Bob322's HVY Sturdy Semi (sturdy3)
- Added Bob322's Imponte Deluxo Stock (deluxo2)
- Added Bob322's Vapid Liberator (monster3)
- Added Bob322's Vapid Riata Stock (riata2)
- Added Bob322's Zirconium Stratum Coupe (stratum3)
- Added Carrythxd's Vapid New Yankee (yankee3)
- Added Carrythxd's Vapid Sandking Utility (utillitruck4)
- Added Carrythxd's & Bob322's Vapid Sandking Utility Single Cab (utillitruck6)
- Added Carrythxd's & Bob322's Vapid Sandking Utility SWB (utillitruck5)
- Added cp702's Emergency Utility Truck (emertruk3, lifeguard variant)
- Added Da7K's Annis Requiem (requiem)
- Added Da7K's Bravado Gauntlet Classic (gauntlet4)
- Added Da7K's Nagasaki Kart (kart)
- Added Dani02's Vapid Sadler Retro (sadler4)
- Added Dani02's Vapid Sadler Retro Utility (utillitruck7)
- Added fummy's & TG_Stig's Benefactor Streiter Wagon (streiter2)
- Added glennoconnell's Albany Stretch (stretch4)
- Added glennoconnell's Brute Pony (pony4, pony5)
- Added glennoconnell's Canis Mesa (mesa4)
- Added glennoconnell's Canis Seminole (seminole3)
- Added glennoconnell's Vapid Radius (radi2)
- Added glennoconnell's Vapid Stanier (stanier6)
- Added Jay Jay's Canis Mesa Renegade (mesa6)
- Added KermanRB12's Annis Elegy RH-5 Pack (elegy6, elegy7, elegy8)
- Added MGgames100's Nagasaki Kenshin (kenshin)
- Added MGgames100's Zirconium Hades (hades)
- Added tall70's Coil Brawler Convertible (brawler2, brawler3)
- Added TheAdmiester's Lower-End Car Variants Pack (buffalo5 & tailgater2)
- Added TheF3nt0n's Bravado Rumpo Escape (rumpo5, rumpo6)
- Added TheF3nt0n's Maibatsu Mule Recovery (mule5)
- Added Vanillaworks & others FlyWheels Pack (dloader3, dukes4, fukyuz, ramptruck2, sabre3, yosemite7)
- Added Voit Turyv's Canis Seminole Pack (rpdsuv, rpdsuv2, seminole2)
- Added Voit Turyv's & others Declasse Vigero Rumbler Pack (vigero3, vigero4, vigpcpd)

comet4 -> comet6
yosemite -> yosemite3
yosemite2 -> yosemite4
yosemite3 -> yosemite5
yosemite4 -> yosemite6

- Added AlexanderLB's CNT, Grain of Truth, SAD & Weazel News liveries for the Bravado Rumpo
- Added AlexanderLB's Animal Ark, Eugenics Inc., Pill Pharm, Redwood & YouTool liveries for the Vapid Speedo
- Added Artistraaw's Nikki livery for the Vapid Bullet
- Added DynamoHotRun's Tofu Delivery livery for the Annis Hizoku Custom
- Added DynamoHotRun's Annis Racing, Atomic Orange, Dogfighter, Kaminari & Winner liveries for the Annis Requiem
- Added DynamoHotRun's Charles Williams Racing livery for the Bravado Gauntlet Hellhound
- Added DynamoHotRun's Cheval Sport & Retro liveries for the Cheval Picador Loco Drag
- Added DynamoHotRun's Coquette Limited Edition livery for the Invetero Coquette
- Added ilayarye's Contender Livery Pack
- Added JoonasPRKL's Rusty Skull livery for the Bravado Gauntlet Classic
- Added Murcielago's goldDig Rally livery for the Pegassi Infernus
- Added ReNNie's Auto Exotic liveries for the Maibatsu Mule Recovery
- Added ReNNie's Grain of Truth & Humane Labs liveries for the Vapid Speedo
- Added Riley Blue's Annis Stripe & White Stripes liveries for the Annis Requiem
- Added Riley Blue's Southern San Andreas Super Autos liveries for the Maibatsu Mule Recovery
- Added Riley Blue's Freedom Vibes Pace Car liveries for Willard Faction
- Added SCAREDBOSS' E&L livery for the Bravado Gauntlet Hellhound
- Added Testarossa's Kaido Racer livery for the Annis Requiem
- Added Widowmaker's Kabuki Classic, Mid Night & Rally #432 liveries for the Annis Requiem

- Added support for the latest game version (1.0.1290.1 - Doomsday Heist Update)
- Added an optional mod package called "Vehicle Data Tweaks" (Can be found in the "Options" folder)
- Added new/improved spawn colors for all of the vehicles in the pack
- Added new/improved spawn colors for the Doomsday Heist DLC vehicles
- Added multiple new NPC modified vehicles
- Added correct NPC drivers to the emergency and various other vehicles
- Changed the frequency of certain vehicles
- Changed the modkit IDs on all vehicles (modkit IDs used from 993 to 1024)
- Fixed the issue where aircrafts & bicycles were replaced by random traffic vehicles
- Rearranged & updated the Simple Trainer Support option
- Remade all of Rockstar Games created NPC modified vehicles and added a lot of new ones (You can see them here.)
- Removed 11john11's Vapid STD Stanier's (stdstanier, stdstanier2)
- Removed TheF3nt0n's 1st Gen Vapid Stanier (stanier5)
- Removed xXGARRAPPAXx's Vapid Big Ol' Bobcat (bobcat3)
- Restored the customization on certain vanilla vehicles that had lost it due to the pack needing their modkit IDs
- Vehicles.meta changes (base game)
- Added new/improved colors for certain base game vehicles
- Added the FLAG_EXTRAS_STRONG flag to the Ambulance and Dundreary Stretch
- Added the new truck/semi truck trailers to work with the base game vehicles (Semi trailers are going to be included in a future update)
- Changed the frequency on various base game vehicles
- Changed the maxNum value of every base game vehicle
- Changed the maxNumOfSameColor value of every base game vehicle

- Updated Da7K's Cheval Picador Loco Drag to version 1.1 (Added livery support)
- Updated glennoconnell's Albany Washington to version 1.3 (Multiple changes)
- Updated Voit Turyv's Rockport Police Pack to version 2.0 (Multiple vehicle improvements)
- Updated the gameconfig.xml (Thanks to Cass for editing Dilapidated's Gameconfig)
- Updated the traffic files to include the newest DLC vehicles
- Updated the Uninstall.oiv package

Previous changelogs can be found here.

The full ped and vehicle list can be found here or in the "Included peds & vehicles.txt" file located inside the archive. The spawn names and the ped & vehicle preview images can also be found in the same documents.

- Coroner Service
- Dispatch of Variety
- GTAExtended
- IVPack
- Lively World
- New License Plates
- Overhauled Trains
- Pull Me Over
- Realism of Dispatch
- Vanillaworks Extended Livery Pack
- World of Variety

1. Open OpenIV
2. Go to Tools -> Package Installer
3. Find the "VWE.oiv" file and open it
4. Click on "Install"
5. Choose the "mods" folder option and wait for it to finish the installation

1. Open the "VWE.oiv" file with 7Zip/WinRar
2. Open the "assembly.xml" file with Notepad/Notepad++
3. Follow the installation paths and place the files in their correct locations

Installation order for the IVPack, Realism Dispatch Enhanced and World of Variety options can be found in the ReadMe.txt and the .OIV file.

The previous versions of this pack are available here.
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