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    @azzil Oui cela permet de lancer deux instances de GTA V, lance-le une première fois avec la version exécutable du mod puis une seconde fois normalement via Steam.

    @XXXSuicide gas There are two versions of the mod, read the description. For the OS I wanted to know what version of Windows you're using, it can be linked to your problem.

    @BlackBaron Do you have the ASI Loader installed ? ( dinput8.dll )

    December 22, 2017
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    @BlackBaron read the description, for the ASI version you must use GTA5.exe and not GTAVLauncher.exe ( the default one ).

    @XXXSuicide gas More information ? What is your version of the game, what version of the launcher do you use ( executable version or ASI version ) ? Which OS ?

    @muellll What is your version of the game ? Which OS ? For the ASI version it is necessary to use GTA5.exe and not GTAVLauncher.exe.

    December 22, 2017
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    Update available, more information in the description.

    December 21, 2017
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    @Rossellini Try to disconnect and then reconnect by checking the “auto login” box on the classic launcher. Retry No_GTAVLauncher after.

    @roguegiant Try to launch No_GTAVLauncher with Administrator permissions.

    @Oscar5168 We are aware of some crashes and we plan to work on it.

    @Chryss Read the FAQ.

    @NicolasDomenic I don't know, but i encourage you to buy the game ;)

    April 07, 2017
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    @venky_vnv No you always need to be logged in on Social Club to launch the game, the launcher can only delete the game files verification and the update research.

    @Bits2 It’s only a launcher, it modify nothing from the game... You are lying.

    @Cri-28 Yes, its possible in this situation that Steam is used to verify the authenticity of the game.

    @TrentenZaGamer Yes, however be sure to be logged in by checking “auto login”.

    @FranklinWannabe If you have previously launched the game with the classic launcher and you have checked the “auto login” box No_GTAVLauncher should work. If its not working let us know, we work on a fix.

    April 07, 2017
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    @JRod : Yes of course, however it's necessary to use at least once the classic launcher as well as an internet connection to choose "Auto sign in" in the Social Club panel. http://i.imgur.com/tXCsVHC.png

    @MrGTAmodsgerman : If you downgrade your game in the previous version of biker DLC, yes, this will obviously correct the problem. however you will no longer be able to access GTA Online or enjoy the new content.

    March 22, 2017
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    @eshenk : Thanks, I corrected ;)

    @ikt : Go read the FAQ, the mod only cancels the game's file verification via the classic launcher.

    @Atit Basnet : All versions of the game works and will work in the future.

    @MDextreme : We are aware of this and sum able to remedy, however this would require agreement on the part to the developers of RAGE Plugin Hook.

    @Rossellini : If you are talking about the in-game Social club panel you just have to log in with your account as you normally would.

    Thank you all for your return ;)

    March 22, 2017