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    Awww, ok. Thank you for replying so fast. (^-^)

    December 03, 2017
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    Hey there! (^-^)
    I don't know if you take mod suggestions, but at some point, could you consider making a freeze powers mod?
    Ideally emulating characters such as ice man, captain cold, mr freeze etc?
    Just wondering/suggesting... ('-')

    December 02, 2017
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    If i could suggest some additions...

    Could you update the swinging so that it can be done from shorter buildings? Swinging from shorter buildings could result in much less speed and height, making it more realistic. And so the player would need to be smarter and use more finesse to get around. But you'd still be able to swing around conveniently in areas with shorter buildings.
    And i was wondering if you could add the ability to grab people and stick them to your back like a spider so you can carry them while swinging like spider-man could at one point in the comics?

    Do you plan on adding the power to stick to ceilings, or is that too difficult?
    And what about clinging to smaller things? Like being able to just stick to trees or poles? Maybe not moving along them, but perhaps the ability to just stick to them? And maybe you could add the power to use some abilities on walls, like shooting a web at an enemy while clinging to a wall.
    Perhaps a web-rush ability, to quickly dash to precise points?

    Perhaps a recticle for aiming while throwing things, and while aiming at enemies for attacks?

    Can you add a dodging/sidestepping ability? One that makes you quickly dodge, rendering you invincible for a split second to completely avoid gunshots? Maybe you could be able dodge in mid-air?

    And what about the spider-sense? Maybe in a future update, it could actually sense when you're about to be attacked, and maybe activate slow motion for a few seconds when you're about to be hurt.And maybe that web rush ability could be another version of the spider-sense. You press and hold a button, and you go into spider-sense mode. And in spider-sense mode you have reticles on enemies and parts of the environment so that you cn attack and move more precisely.

    November 27, 2017
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    Hey, about the web-swinging, i just had an idea. What if there was an alternative web swinging that was slower, but more precise? Web swinging that you could use for chasing down enemies on foot, or for use in areas with lower buildings, or for small areas? Web swinging that could be used just for navigating a small area during a fight perhaps?

    It could be like in the amazing spider-man 2. Within the levels or interiors, your web swinging was like flying. You didn't necessarily need buildings in order to swing. In this mod you could do something similar:
    While in mid-air, hold the swing button and spider-man will swing higher, release it and spider-man will fall down. The height limit depends on the height of the buildings around you. If you tap the button repeatedly, then spider-man will swing at a somewhat constant altitude. It's essentially like flying. And maybe if you hold the sprint button at the same time, spider-man can swing a bit faster. But bif you want to travel great distances across the map, you use the swinging that's already in the mod right now. In fights, it's more similar to spider-man to swing around, like how in civil war, he did tiny swings while he was in the airport building. This way, the players could do the same.

    June 26, 2017
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    Could you make Jesse quick and Classic Barry allen?

    May 28, 2017
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    Could you add the lightning punches ability from injustice 2?
    The flash throws a rapid barrage of punches faster than the eye can see, and the enemy only reels from the damage once he's finished, then they are sent flying away.
    Have it work on anything, whether it be humans, animals or vehicles, and once the barrage is finished, it sends the victim flying at high speed.
    Maybe the power to pull enemies toward you with the vaccum arms, or the power to direct the vaccum arms with the camera? Then you could point the camera upwards, and flash will blow upwards. This way, he can slow down someone's fall. Maybe alter the strength so that it can work on vehicles too? I dunno. It could also be useful for keeping enemies on the ground when you don't wanna kill them; just point downwardds at an enemy, and the wind will be constantly pushing them into the ground so that they can't get up.
    And perhaps the ability to touch someone or something, and make them explosive. They'll shine red or something, and a few seconds later, they'll explode. The explosion could be bigger depending on the size and health of the subject. So if you were to use it on something with very high health, it would only take damage, not die instantly.
    Maybe increase the rate of acceleration for the 3rd speed, or add a Spin-dash type move like sonic, that let's you charge up speed while running or standing still.
    Perhaps change the lightning toss so that you can spam it more. That way, we can almost do multi-lightning like in the show.
    Maybe increase the speed and rate of the normal melee punches.

    May 28, 2017
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    Hey, what about the ability to grapple something, and precision throw it at something else?

    March 11, 2017
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    I was thinking about a couple of moves from Sonic Unleashed/ Sonic Generations, that would be cool to add to the Flash mod. I don't really know if it would be possible or not, but i'm just trying to give helpful feedback, hope you don't
    mind? :D
    What if you added a "Quickstep" ability, that can be used for quickly dodging left and right? on the ground, as well as on walls?

    It would be nice as a spammable ability, so you can just constanly use it and avoid anything coming at you.

    And possibly, a REALLY tight and easy (Giggity) drifting ability, that maintains all of your, while allowing you to turn on a dime, and even do REALLY tight doughnuts. (Giggity again)
    It would be useless at low speeds, however, intended for the speeds beyond level 3, for greater control.

    And also, perhaps an air boosting ability, and a stomp power, so that when you're in midair, you can send yourself carreening downwards, or forwards, instead of just being stuck up in midair.

    March 09, 2017
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    Is there any way to increase the rate at which the flash accelerates while the 3rd speed is activated?

    March 03, 2017