Psychokinetic [W.I.P] 0.2.1



ScriptHookV: http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
--Put in the main game folder

ScriptHookVDotNet: https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/releases
--Put in the main game folder

NativeUI: https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI/releases/
--Put in the "scripts" folder

Put Psychokinetic.dll && Psychokinetic.ini in scripts folder
[Just a Note]: My game version is 1.0.1032.1 & so I have not upgraded ScriptHookV or ScriptHookVDotNet, nor do I want to upgrade. But since people could still use my jumper mod, I'm releasing this mod.
If you also don't want to upgrade ever again use: GTAVLauncherBypass, link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gtavlauncherbypass

This is a work in progress(WIP) and pretty much in alpha build. I want to build a detailed Psychokinesis/Telekinesis mod. I have been coding this mod for the past 3 weeks, and doing a little testing,
so there is a chance you might experience a bug. I have started many mods over the summer, but none to completion, so because of that, and the overwhelming positive response I got for the jumper mod, I wanted to release a new mod. Sadly I will not update for a very long time because of my school.I hope you enjoy this mod, I gave it the best I got in the time I was given.

Q: Will there be controller support?

A: Yes, in the future. Only some powers will be supported.

[Controls:](could change some of them in the .ini file)

ToggleMenu: "F10"
FreezeAll: "D1"
GrabPed: "D4"

SingleCrushCar: press "D2"
MassCrush: hold "D2" for some time. holding longer doesn't mean bigger area.

Push: Press "LeftShift + X" while aiming at a target
MassPush: Hold "LeftShit + X" the longer you hold the bigger area you will effect. (bigger area = greater loss in fps)
Pull: Press "LeftControl + X" while aiming at a target
MassPull: Hold "LeftControl + X" the longer you hold the bigger area you will effect. (bigger area = greater loss in fps)
LockOn: "E"
ReleaseLockOn: "R"
PyrokineticKey: Press "D3" while aiming at a target
TransformKey: Hold "LeftShift" + "T"

SinglePedForce: press "LeftShift + E" after locking on to ped.
MassPedForce: press "LeftShift + E" without locking on to ped.
ThrowPed: press "LeftShift + E" again.
ReleasePed: "R"

SingleCarForce: press "LeftControl + E" after locking on to vehicle.
MassCarForce: press "LeftControl + E" without locking on to Car. There is 4 modes of CarForce so press "LeftControl + E" to go through them.
ReleaseCar: "R"
PointCar: press "E" after you have activated either SingleCarForce or MassCarForce
ThrowCar: press "R" after you PointCar.

Press "LeftControl + Jump button" to toggle flight
ChangeFlightMode: press "Capslock" once to go into 2nd flying mode, press capslock twice to go into 3rd flying mod. Press "Capslock" button to go back to only the first flying mode.
Press "LeftShift" to fly up
Press "LeftControl" to fly down
--by request added FlightModeKey in .ini
--added shockwave effect for transformation.
--added two different types of ground attack(press left mouse button while looking at the ground for the first animation, press shift and left mouse button while looking at the ground for 2nd)
--added a transformation animation
--added a crushing car animation
--can now crush single cars
--pressing shift + scrolling will affect carforceone and carforcethree
--there is now a third flight option, press capslock.(could adjust the max speed, high speeds will make map glitch because the game doesn't have enough time to load it)
--changed how pointatcoord works(for carforce 1 & 2 not 3/4).
--fixed the bullet effects not disappearing
--bullets now deflect while hardenbody is ON or forcefield is ON.
--added something extra. (try it out)
--fixed bug: flying/carforces
--release grabbed ped by pressing R
--toggle off red indicator
--fixed glitch animation jitter caused by ironman mod.
--fixed some bugs
--added pyrokinetic ability
Ideo(check out his telekinesis mod, his mods since they were lua (open source) helped me get me into coding.
LeeC2202(special thanks to him for coming up with a way to reduce performance loss)
And all the helpful people that posts questions/answers at gtaforums/gta5-base.
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