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  • 004412 monika discord4

    @N. Man
    i would either need permission from the creator to edit their hud or an exact, precise list of changes they made so i can edit mine

    December 08, 2023
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @TheArcadeGuyX1 yes, it's a known issue. nightride fm was made a long time ago without any futureproofing in mind back then, and then rockstar has ended up using the same radio track id's that nightride fm does. that's something you'll have to ask the mod uploader to fix.

    @XxxxA isn't that a replace mod? from what i can see it has the exact same spawn name as the original, so it should be using the original r* icon. i can only add weapon icons for add-on weapons

    October 08, 2023
  • 004412 monika discord4

    Today's update changes

    • Adds compatibility with San Andreas Mercenaries (1.0.2944.0).
    • Added new optional resource: Community trackID (V Airwaves version). This is a gxt2 file that combines the trackID's from all mods into one big file, with some adjustments and corrections to original Rockstar track names as part of the V Airwaves mod.
    • Added new optional resource: Beta radio icons. This is a successor to one of my older mods (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/beta-radio-station-logos) which changes the icon design of seven Rockstar radio stations to their cut versions.
    • Added support for girlsonfilm's V Airwaves radio station mod.
    • Added support for girlsonfilm's Pre-Millennium Radio radio station.
    • Added support for HeySlickThatsMe's Shrewsbury Heavy Shotgun Mk II weapon.
    • Updated Community trackID (regular version) resource.

    *all newly supported mods are linked in the description

    August 24, 2023
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @ollyolly "Impact Blue" is one of the two private stations I made only for myself. Hence why it's not even listed in the mod description. Easier for me to keep them around internally instead of clearing out for public release each time. As for any other stations, they're either placeholders/reserved or ones that haven't been released yet for any reason(s).

    @ALEXSYS Just take the "trackid.gxt2" file from the original files and put it back in the same place (update2.rpf/x64/data/lang/[language]_rel.rpf). But the file is designed to not break or conflict with anything from Rockstar so keeping it around won't do any harm.

    @Michael317 Blatnoi Radio was created around the time making radios was still fresh (even using the old old method of adding radios) and hasn't been updated ever since so it doesn't have any track names to begin with. You would have to ask the author to update the mod with track names (and dlc.rpf format so that the text for the radio name is self-contained), using ID's that won't overlap with r* or other mods.

    @sjaak327 @RedEye-Osama I will release an update addressing both issues in the coming days.

    August 06, 2023
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @JohnFromGWN ["there's a magic tool called OpenIV that allows you to take replaces and put them all in one patch folder"]
    ...which is pretty much the equivalent of what this mod does. so what's the problem?

    ["The file size is at the minimum because only the replaces are installed"]
    as is also the case with this mod.

    ["To clarify again I already said this addon mod that replaces is better and simpler than the replace method."]
    and don't get me wrong, i wasn't trying to argue that. i was only correcting the misinformation that "this mod actually uses more disk space unless you manually delete the cars it replaces" because it really doesn't take up more space.

    ["And just for your knowledge, OpenIV loads entities by priority so you take the latest patch"]
    my knowledge is perfectly fine, thanks. and it's not openiv that loads entities, it's the game that does it using the dlclist.xml to tell it which packs should be loaded, and the order value specified in a (dlc) pack's setup2.xml file to determine the load priority it loads in. openiv is just the file explorer for the game files, and an .asi file that just re-routes the game's file mounter through the mods folder.

    ["If you want to discuss this further I'm always on the forums trying my best to help users. Do you ever help others?"]
    pretty sure there isn't much else left to discuss here, but if you have any questions then sure feel free to make a thread and @ me. and as a matter of fact yes i do help others, when i can. just remember that there is an entire world outside of the 5mods forums, i might not be spending every day of my life posting there but there are still plenty of discord servers and other online communities that i've been actively involved in in the last 7 years.

    July 09, 2023
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @JohnFromGWN what??? in what world does this mod's replace method take up more space than the outdated replace method? imagine you've never installed replace mods (using that archaic out of date method) before. you would have to copy x64e.rpf (1.96gb) into the mods folder to replace vehicles. then copy x64i.rpf (1.66gb) to replace the modifications models. that's already 3.63gb of unnecessary copying to replace 315mb worth of files. oh, and that's not even counting the patchday packs which also contain some vehicles that already override the original ones, that would increase the file size even more. you are literally wasting gigabytes of disk space for that awful replace method. and sure, you could just add everything into the latest patchday pack by rockstar but.... by your definition that would also be an addon, so.

    July 08, 2023
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @JohnFromGWN i don't see the point of all those semantics. it's a replace mod. it uses a patch "dlc" that overrides original files, doing exactly what it says it is. it's just a different method to achieve the same thing, only it's better (no wasted disk space having to copy entire original archives), more 'official', and not outdated.

    July 02, 2023
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @geniusofgta vehicle spawn names and dlc pack names are two entirely different things that have absolutely nothing to do with one another.
    @Suzerain001 it's supposed to be empty if a vehicle has custom sounds, since the game automatically matches the vehicle model name with the sound name in game.dat. whatever the issue is, it's on your end, and can't do much to help without any details. i can confirm the sounds work in a fresh download, and nobody has brought up any issues with the sounds while the car was being tested either.

    May 27, 2023
  • 004412 monika discord4

    Finally, an update!

    • Adds compatibility with Los Santos Drug Wars (1.0.2802.0).
    • Added new resource: Community trackID. This is a gxt2 file that combines the trackID's from all mods into one big file. This way, one will no longer have to manually merge these files, or end up with blank track names, or have to constantly update their mod(s) any time something changes. Unfortunately, I could not include everything as most available mods are overlapping with the game's default ID's. The trackid file is open-source on github, if anyone needs the text label names for any reason or wants to let me know of an update or addition to track names in their mod. The package includes two install options; manual for those who wish to drag-and-drop the gxt, and automatic which will install all languages (NOTE: this will overwrite the currently existing file).
    • Added support for GJ1996's RADIO_97_NCS radio station.
    • Added support for w/'s Shrewsbury Dart Pistol weapon.
    • Added support for w/'s Sidio Pocket Flashlight weapon.
    • Added support for w/'s ProLaps Telescopic Baton weapon.
    • Added support for HeySlickThatsMe's Vom Feuer Advanced MG weapon.
    • Added icon for the hidden Weazel News radio. If you somehow end up with it on your radio wheel, at least it won't be icon-less now.
    • Updated icon for Vladivostok Eurobeat.

    April 15, 2023
  • 004412 monika discord4

    @gdta5 replace carmodcols.ymt found in "update.rpf/x64/data" with the carmodcols.ymt included in the .zip

    October 24, 2022