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    would love to see a GLA 250

    February 14, 2021
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    Interesting. I have a 2 line batch file that deletes the files (SH and loader) and another 1 line batch file that copies them back .
    You copy back the 2 files from a backup folder to your GTA V folder.
    Add a line of code to launch if you desire. That's 5 lines max. Simpler no?

    January 25, 2021
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    why use that garage door for the floors and walls? looks really bad

    January 12, 2021
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    @HarleyQuinnSquad Doesn't work with any add-ons I tried, using the internal names for the folder, properly placed with the 3 main characters. For example the spy actress has the internal name, from the wiki, has the name SPYACTRESS (no spaces) and it doesn't work. Tried for 3 or 4 others. Only Michael, Trevor, Franklin work. Also I tried my own .mp3 and .wav and the game froze and crashed immediately.

    January 08, 2021
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    How do you switch players you have as clones. I'd like to add an animation to my first player at start, then clone myself, change the model and add the next animation. Is there something like the actor slots from Scene Director in Menyoo?

    January 06, 2021