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    Very nice update ! Can you also ragdoll now if you fly and hit an obstacle it would feel so natural <3
    I have to download gta 5 again due to a windows reinstall is there any video of this 0.3 version out yet so I can check it while downloading ? :D

    October 26, 2017
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    Just a suggestion , can you make the 3rd fly option hold hands forward ? Like superman script animation , and also make it so you can crash collision when flying and a nice landing , like this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_afci-PGjY

    October 10, 2017
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    September 15, 2017
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    @nm710 im good in cracking dlls and getting the source code out of it , just let me know what source of what script you need and I can help you out with that so you can make this mod the best one

    September 10, 2017
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    Also if you need julionib flash.ironman or any other of his mods source just email me again

    September 09, 2017
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    Suggestion :
    Make it so you are able to also lift vehicles in in your hands like the peds
    Make it so you can drop peds/vehicles without throwing em(without killing)
    Make an option to remove that annoying red indicator
    Add more powers like electricity,teleport,thunder,etc
    Make it movable left/right/back while flying

    So far , so good , best mod.

    September 09, 2017
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    @nm710 , send me an email (akyzyt@gmail.com) I can give you source code of julionib superman script so you can take freeze power from ther

    September 08, 2017