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    @Remix Added it in 2.1

    August 15, 2021
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    @Remix Definitely possible, I thought about it at some point but forgot. Thanks for mentioning it!

    August 15, 2021
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    @superhind The endless loop isn't related to this .asi. Without this patch the issue is that some peds may spawn with incorrect models, but the game still loads, with or without this .asi.
    And the new limit is enough for World of Variety, so that issue won't happen.

    December 22, 2020
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    The patch is broken in the latest update, b2189. But R* increased the model set limit in scenario points from 256 to 512, and in a previous update they did the same with scenarios, so now there is more space for custom model sets and scenarios and you may no longer require this patch.

    December 19, 2020
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    @JAM102970 You can keep using 1.2

    June 09, 2020
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    @LHSQ You can stay with v1.2. Both v1.2 and v1.3 work the same in retail and steam versions.

    May 31, 2020
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    @Dippa71 You are using an old version, 1.1, which is incompatible with the current game version v1868. Download 1.2 and try again.
    The gameconfig you can send it through https://pastebin.com/ , just open it and copy the contents to pastebin.
    As for the memory errors, make sure you don't have anything else installed that is outdated.

    April 22, 2020
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    @Dippa71 Does "game not loading" mean that it crashes or that it is stuck in the loading screen? If it crashes with the CScenarioPoint Patch installed, can you check the Event Viewer? After the crash, open the Event Viewer and look for a recent Application Error in Windows Logs > Application that references GTA5.exe, and copy here the text in the General tab. Example: https://imgur.com/a/lpXeJ8Z
    And are you using retail or steam version?

    If you have mods installed that require CScenarioPoint Patch, like WOV, memory errors may be related to not having it installed, but in general, from what I tested, not having it installed just causes wrong peds to be spawned in the wrong locations, not memory errors. It could also be the gameconfig, can you send the one you are using so I can check if there is something wrong with it?

    April 20, 2020
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    @zanesix This site doesn't have email notifications and I don't check it often since most of the time nothing interesting happens, so yeah, I guess I went AWOL here.

    Anyways, I installed WOV to test it, on version 1868.1 retail, with this patch, the heap adjuster, the packfile limit adjuster and the gameconfig.xml recommended in the readme. So far I only had a crash on load due to the gameconfig. If you are using this gameconfig https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-xml-dilapidated , look for these lines
    <PoolSize value="700"/>
    and change 700 to 720 which is the vanilla value in v1868.
    After that, the game loads and WOV seems to work fine (except for some traffic pop-in or disappearing in front of me but not sure if that's related to this patch).

    So yeah, if anyone is having issues or crashes, provide some more information, like whether you are using steam or retail version of the game, which other mods you have installed and what were you doing when it happened so I can try to reproduce the issue.

    April 15, 2020