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    I offered you my help, that's all.

    Judging from your pics and your videos, your total number of peds spawning seems to be below the regular vanilla maximum, especially when looking at how few peds are standing outside the Vinewood Cinema.

    The picture below shows a little less peds, than the "correct" maximum number of peds you can spawn, via only editing those three files.


    And here is an old test video where i injected a couple of hundred peds into Vespucci Beach Promenade. As you can see, overpopulating the game like this results in its own new list challenges. The test begins at 2.10.


    By the way, I am Jevi from Modifiver/NVE and a bunch of other stuff.

    But like I said, all I did was offer you my help, just like i did back when i gave you some additional info about the interconnectedness of the game's systems.

    You don't want that help though, and I can fully respect that,

    Good luck with everything going forward :)

    July 21, 2020
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    Let me help you out here, so you don't waste a ton of time trying to do something that simply can't be done using your current methods.

    Neither editing gameconfig, popgroups or popcycle will significantly increase the amount of AMBIENT wandering peds. Editing the files in question can increase the number of stationary SCENARIO, but not drastically.

    Instead you will have to either manually place more peds in the world with CodeWalker, or find a way to inject them into one of the game's existing special ped creation systems.

    July 20, 2020
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    We are both right.

    First, I did not check the readme. You did credit Dexyfes for Codewalker in the readme. I did not see that, and I am sorry for that.

    Secondly, the readme does not contain a link to the mod, and also since very few people actually read the readme, especially after they have already read the installation instructions in the Description here, most mod creators prefer to be credited in the Description here instead of in a separate file.

    But yeah, I was also wrong.


    June 23, 2020
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    Great work.

    I always support anybody investing their time into scenario modding.

    One thing though, you used CodeWalker to create this mod, so please show Dex the respect he deserves and follow the proper credit etiquette for using CodeWalker.

    Attribution by both creator and mod name, and also a link to the mod here at 5mods.

    June 22, 2020
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    All you need to know is that Alex has been made aware of your troubles, and is currently examining the issue.

    April 15, 2020
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    The Script lord is back with another blessing !!!

    August 09, 2019
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    What an absolutely brilliant mod. 5 stars i "want it" (wanted) level material. CUDOS !

    July 29, 2019
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    Another stellar addition. 5 more stars.

    July 25, 2019
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    excellent work. 5 stars coming to your way.

    July 25, 2019
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    secret Club MLON(it was not) handshake and 5 stars wanted music

    July 01, 2019