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  • Michael

    it would be better if you provide support for newer DLCs.
    this isn´t GTA 4.
    you can´t make people downgrade, they will rather just not use your mod.
    no one can force you, but don´t be surprised if your downloads go down and no one cares about your mods anymore

    February 16, 2023
  • Michael

    uhm...you do know that the RGL doesn´t allow you to downgrade since it just redownloads all the changed files.
    and for steam it is technically possible, but R* has a version check in the launcher.
    so it would work until they change it to the current patch and then you won´t be able to get into the game anymore.
    so yeah...your GTA 4 mentality won´t work here, so people will rather just not use your trainer.

    November 14, 2022
  • Michael

    oh wait, so left and right controls are mirrored too?
    i think on chaos mod that isn´t the case.
    so pressing left, will make you go left on your view instead of right

    June 20, 2022
  • Michael

    in your video you said that you wanted to do something with charging like the khanjali, and it seems to have parameters for charged and such.
    like a flag called: VehicleChargedLaunch.
    so maybe you could get it to work by adding these parameters

    January 05, 2022
  • Michael

    R* added a new option with the latest update which allows you to hide every single station.
    maybe it´s worth checking out how they do it to be able to hide all of them without issues

    July 22, 2021
  • Michael

    Thanks for the Scripts.
    i have fun playing around with it

    May 26, 2020
  • Michael

    @Alex106 just noticedsomething else about that same object.
    in the screenshot it looks like the in the middle is a hole.
    but from teh other side it is filled with some concrete or something.

    probs backface culling.

    February 27, 2020
  • Michael

    @Alex106 another object with no colllision.
    and again at the same building as last time.
    here the object in question:

    i checked, and it is part of the "hi" collision.
    and seems to be missing the needed flag öike the pipe last time.

    February 26, 2020
  • Michael

    @Yolomann500 eigendlich ist es so in GTA.
    es ist nur ein winkel winkel von der seite und so.
    wenn du an diese stelle vom trailer gehst, es sieht genau so aus

    February 16, 2020
  • Michael

    @Alex106 behind the new videogeddon building is a metal pipe that you can just walk through.
    only tested in online.
    haven´t tested in SP yet, but probs the same.

    February 14, 2020