Declasse Impaler SZ Cruiser [Add-On | Liveries | FiveM | LODs | Tuning | Sounds] v1.0_SinglePlayer


Nothing says 'respect the badge' quite like roaring down Vinewood Boulevard in a high-powered intimidation machine with a siren that could wake the dead. The Declasse Impaler SZ Cruiser's got all the charm, with the added bonus of making pedestrians think twice before jaywalking. Just try not to spill your coffee during those high-speed pursuits.

My first ever vehicle release! Quite proud of this, especially given the fact I had to mostly learn everything on my own in order to make this vehicle happen. This vehicle takes parts from the police5 modkit, as a result it's required that you're using the latest DLC/update.

At the moment, it supports a choice of multiple pushbars, lightbars, liveries etc. Future updates will add more liveries and customization - but I'm happy to see this car released in its' current state.

Currently several parts that are available (not pushbars) are misaligned - this will be fixed in the next update. This extends to a couple liveries that are misaligned - although you should be able to use most of the selectable liveries without problems.

Rockstar Games - Original design, 3d model, etc.
meowsandstuff - Model edits
Xinerki - Emotional support, epic screenshots

Installation - FiveM
1. Unpack the zip file and drag the polimpaler folder into your server resources folder.
2. Enjoy!

Installation - Singleplayer
1. Unpack the .zip file and drag the dlc_polimpaler folder into your mods folder
2. Add this line to your dlclist.xml: dlcpacks:\dlc_polimpaler\
3. Enjoy!

Changelog v2.0 - 12/26/2023
There's quite a bit of changes for this release:
  • Changed wheels. Vehicle now spawns with steelies by default.
  • Remapped liveries. All polshared liveries are now usable.
  • Fixed and re-enabled rear window lightbars (extra 5)
  • Added an interior cage (extra 6)
  • Added new vehicle sounds from the og impaler5
  • Realigned several modkits. Most of the aerials are now usable, though searchlights are not yet usable.
  • Various model/UV tweaks and improvements

This release version is currently FiveM exclusive as I need to iron out how to port all features (modkits etc.) to SP correctly. The previous SP version is still available until then.

Changelog v1.0 - 12/25/2023
Merry Christmas!
  • Uploaded actual release instead of an earlier version..whoops
  • Fixed window shattermap
  • Fixed LOD alignment on pushbars
  • Various livery mapping tweaks and improvements

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First Uploaded: December 24, 2023
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