iREV \\ Aventador - Upgrade Kit 2.00


Greetings! This upgrade kit is made for both YCA-RE's LP700-4 Aventador and Smokey's LP700-4 Aventador.

D O N A T I O N S:
\\ PLEASE DONATE to my paypal account. I would ONLY use it to see my works are really welcome and to get some
\\ essential things to do my works the Best and PREMIUM Quality. Just to mention: I need a simple SSD, a 1080p60 record device
\\ PS4 Control-pad, and a Driving Wheel to adjust the configuration to the best for anyone who's interested.
\\ Not for me. It's for YOU! Otherwise, it will simply stay on my technical limits can do right now.

This kit contains \
| V1 Handling Tweak: [CORSA] - Hard Mode - Challanging GTA Realism.
| V1 Handling Tweak: [SPORT] - Medium Mode - Balanced GTA Realism.
| V1 Handling Tweak: [STRADA] - Easy Mode - Softened GTA Realism.
| V1 Handling Tweak: DRIVECLUB [CORSA] - "For skilled drivers only!" - Outdated.
| V1 Handling Tweak: NFS [Arcade] .85beta - For easy fun driving.
| V2 Handling Tweak: DRIVECLUB V2 [SPORT MODE] - Upgraded of previous. More realism!
| V2 Handling Tweak: DRIVECLUB V2 [CORSA MODE] - Hardened version of [SPORT MODE]
| V2 Handling Tweak: SIMULATOR V2 [CORSA MODE] - Currently the most accurate handling ever to
|| the real thing. To be honest, it doesn't feel that "allmighty powerful" but that's only the "fault" of Rockstar Games;
|| GTA V isn't designed for accurate driving realism at all. Just mere fun as you should known already...
\\ So the best I can do is to adjust ~all the vehicles to this point in case I have time or interest.

| Upgraded behavior of vehicle ✓
| Normalised acceleration, braking and turning ✓
| Launch-Control: Handbrake + Accelerate ✓
| Skill Drift & Donuts ✓

| The handing is confortable with:
| Keyboard ✓
| Controller ✓
| Wheelpad ✓

  • 0.70alpha - Closed alpha testing
  • 0.85beta - YCA Public beta testing
  • 0.89beta - Smokey's support
  • 0.95beta - Smokey's support +
  • 1.00release - Public Full Release
  • 1.01release - Modes Breakdown
  • 2.00release - Public Full Release - Update

\\ Update comes with sync of new car model versions.

| V2 Changelog:
| Upgraded behavior of vehicle with 3 "difficulty":
| Normalised acceleration, braking and turning
| Decreased offroad ability
| Balance tweaks of weight & suspension force
\ Launch-Control: Handbrake + Brake + Accelerate
\ Skill Drift: Simple Handbrake press
\ Donuts: Accelerare + Brake + Direction
\ VIP User Manual included! :)

Please use Enchanced Native Trainer to boost
engine power at Vehicles menu, x5" & "x10" are ideal to reach top speed more easy,
due engine bug. More than "x10" will make the car accelerate noticably faster.
For tuned Aventador, use LSC upgrades like "Engine", "Brake" & "Turbo".

Known issues \
| LSC Transmission update makes the car accelerate way too fast.
| Handling Tweak: Simulator 0.95beta, front bumper spoiler clips road on heavy brake.
| Smokey's interior "moket" has bad shader, due that it may look ugly, whatever I do.

| MADE BY: "Royal Predator"
| LICENSE: Creative Commons
| Please support my effort with
| PayPal Donations, Follow ups,
| Subscription, Likes and Shares.
| Have Fun!
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