Realistic Driving V v2.1

Realistic Driving V
successor of the popular GTA IV driving mod

This mod changes driving physics in GTA V to be as realistic as possible. Physics definitions for every single vehicle have been created from scratch utilizing every single available parameter. Development started on May 13 2015 and took 20 months, 1300+ hours. Driving physics were created for each of the 316 vehicles individually, spending an average of 3.3 hours on each vehicle. Every single change made by this mod has been MEASURED INGAME and CONFIRMED to be working as intended. Hence the long development phase. No theory crafting, no assumptions. This mod is based on hard facts only.
Most striking features of this mod:
  • Realistic driving physics (proper tire grip on different surfaces, traction curve, slip angle)
  • All driveable surfaces have reworked properties
  • Realistic offroad driving (giving the HUGE offroad areas in GTA V a purpose, hillclimb, dirt track)
  • Performance of every single vehicle matches its real-life counterpart perfectly (acceleration curve, top speed, braking, grip, handling characteristics, wheelspin)
  • Huge improvements to motorcycles
  • Improvements to other physics (eg making it possible to ram police vehicles, slightly more realistic PIT maneuver)
  • automated brakes have been disabled for every single vehicle
  • Police cars dont drive like on rails anymore, more realistic physics are applied to their vehicles
  • Alternative "Scaled Topspeed" version of this mod, offering speed governor and brake assist
  • Option for increased vehicle deformation

supported DLCs:
  • ill Gotten Gains 1
  • ill Gotten Gains 2
  • Lowrider
  • Halloween
  • Executives
  • XMAS 3
  • January2016
  • Valentine
  • Lowriders 2
  • Further Adventures in Finances
  • Cunning Stunts
  • Bikers
  • Import/Export

Included vehicle categories:
Supercars, Sports Cars, Coupes, Sedans, Compacts, Classic Sportscars, Muscle Cars, Lowriders, SUVs, Offroad, Vans, Service, Emergency, Motorcycles.

Not included:
Heavy Trucks, Helicopters, Planes, Boats

Custom cars:
This mod was developed specifically for vanilla 3D-models. Custom car models have completely different center of mass and wheelbase. Making this mod work with all custom cars is impossible. Using custom cars will have a very noticeable negative impact on car handling. Dont complain about things that i cannot possibly fix. please.

version 2.1
-created 'increased deformation' version
-complete rework of all dirt bikes
-added new bikes: BF400, Esskey, Manchez
-added trikes: Chimera, BF Raptor

version 2.0.1 (hotfix):
-fixed crash to desktop when loading a second savegame
-increased grip on wet tarmac
-small grip adjustments to dusty concrete, sandstone, sand, snow
-increased speed of AI vehicles on highways
-tweaked Alpha handling
-tweaked Buffalo S handling
-tweaked ItaliGTB Custom handling
-tweaked T20 handling
-tweaked Tempesta handling
-small adjustments to: Avarus, Buffalo, Comet Retro, Elegy Retro, Kuruma, Rapid GT, Rapid GT Convertible, Reaper, Voltic2, X80

version 2.0:
-189 new vehicle handlings created from scratch
-cars have been given more detailed handling characteristics
-rework of all driveable surfaces (grip and properties)
-removed 130kph speed cap on dirt roads
-reworked collisions with foliage
-more realistic suspension settings (thx to downforce)
-curbs and small bumps have increased effect on handling
-improved weight transfer and vehicle rollover
-new tires pysics allow for less understeer
-drifting requires active countersteer
-support for all DLCs up to Import/Export
-Introduction of proper downforce
-Introduction of non-ABS cars
-Introduction of "Scaled Topspeed" version.
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First Uploaded: October 22, 2015
Last Updated: January 22, 2017
Last Downloaded: 5 minutes ago

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  • 2c5eb4 diekillatomate 100
    Pinned Comment

    Compared to release 1.1, Version 2.0 features 189 new car (and bike) handlings (created from scratch in highest possible detail), removes understeer problems, adds proper downforce and consequently allows for more realistic suspension behavior. Even small bumps have a noticeable effect on handling now. All driveable surfaces have reworked properties. Leaving the road/track and going completely off-road has a noticeable effect on handling. More distinct differences between different surfaces and you can get stuck in swamps. The effect of weather on surfaces has also been reworked. Swamps are even more dangerous in heavy rain. Collision with foliage has been reworked. 130kph speed cap on dirt roads has been removed. Weight transfer in vehicles has been increased and vehicles roll over more realistically. Oversteer is easier to initiate but also requires active counter-steering. Small tweaks to AI and police vehicles (brake earlier before sharp turns). Version 2.0 also introduces non-ABS cars. Release 2.0 will be available in two different versions: Real Speed and Scaled Topspeed. The Scaled Topspeed version has been created as a result of your requests/feedback. It features a subtle speed governor and subtle brake assist, while also featuring increased compatibility with AI and story missions. Version 2.0 supports the latest DLCs. Comet Retro, Elegy Retro, Specter Custom, Nero Custom, Ruiner 2000... all your favorite cars are supported.

    Problem: Installer fails to install
    Solution: right-click on OpenIV.exe and select: "run as administrator"

    Problem: Game crashes on loading screen after installing mod
    Solution 1 (outdated game): update your game to version 1.37
    Solution 2 (conflict): remove all other mods before installing this mod

    Problem: mod incompatible with game version 1.36
    Solution: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-for-patch-1-0-757-2-update-at-each-r-update

    Problem: RDE 3.0 crashes
    Solution: go to RDE mod page and download the gameconfig.xml file pinned at the top

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    January 11, 2017
  • Default

    Is there a reason I can't turn cars or bikes at all? Also when breaking the car doesn't want to stop.

    February 13, 2017
  • 2c5eb4 diekillatomate 100

    @Ursidae show me a car thats good at stopping after breaking

    February 14, 2017
  • Default

    Your mod has improved a lot over times. I love it! Great work, keep it up!

    (b.t.w. I'm that seaplane dude from YT.)

    February 15, 2017
  • Default

    GTA V has stopped working. wtf?

    February 16, 2017
  • Redneck

    what is wrong with Police2? It feels like you are driving a boat on ice with a great amount of wind...

    9 days ago
  • Redneck

    nevermind its the model :|

    9 days ago
  • Df877e falco

    @Destroyer196 mine is doing that too, did u fized it?

    7 days ago
  • 06d1f4 gandalfavatar

    Why isn't this featured @rappo

    7 days ago
  • Default

    @Falco1211 I use now an other handling mod. That's good now. (sry 4 bad English)

    7 days ago
  • Default

    Hey man can you answer this.

    Does this mod prevent touching the accelerator and going 100kmp/h instanty I hate that in the default game. The cars accelerate wayyy to fast

    5 days ago
  • Default

    @Killatomate i copied the turismor handling line and used it on vans123 Laferrari mod, however the car does not handle realistically like the turismor. any advice help?

    5 days ago
  • Default

    Hi everybody, is it me or its impossible to do story missions with that mod ?

    4 days ago
  • Default

    @Killatomate why i can't play mission when i install this mod please help

    4 days ago
  • Default

    Was banned from GTAO after 1000+ hrs, but your mod has made SP fun and refreshing again. Thank you and well done indeed.

    4 days ago
  • Default

    gamefile fix crash for version 1.36 make story not work

    4 days ago
  • Default

    @Killatomate can i use the handling for lets say e.g. the progen t20 on YCA mclaren p1. Cus i tried replacing the handling files from ur T20 handling to P1 but its not handling realistically, but more arcadish now. Any help

    3 days ago
  • Default

    @Killatomate Do the handling values change after installing?

    3 days ago
  • Default

    @Ivan99 You did something totally wrong.....

    2 days ago
  • Default

    @Killatomate the handling for ur mod is working perfectly on vanilla cars. Its when i copy handling lines from my mods folder e.g t20. And then use those lines on YCA P1. However the cars does not drive "realistically" (Based on the actual P1) like the t20. But more arcadish 90 degree turn full flat out. BTW i installed ur mod in my mods folder instead of the default files

    2 days ago
  • Default

    Great job, easy to install 10/10

    15 hours ago
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