Realistic Driving V v2.3

Realistic Driving V
successor of the popular GTA IV driving mod

Supported GTAV versions: 1.36, 1.38, 1.39+

This mod changes driving physics in GTA V to be as realistic as possible. Physics definitions for every single vehicle have been created from scratch utilizing every single available parameter. Development started on May 13 2015 and took 24 months, 1400+ hours. Driving physics were created for each of the 322 vehicles individually, spending an average of 3.3 hours on each vehicle. Every single change made by this mod has been MEASURED INGAME and CONFIRMED to be working as intended. Hence the long development phase. No theory crafting, no assumptions. This mod is based on hard facts only.
Most striking features of this mod:
  • Realistic driving physics (proper tire grip on different surfaces, traction curve, slip angle)
  • All driveable surfaces have reworked properties
  • Realistic offroad driving (giving the HUGE offroad areas in GTA V a purpose, hillclimb, dirt track)
  • Performance of every single vehicle matches its real-life counterpart perfectly (acceleration curve, top speed, braking, grip, handling characteristics, wheelspin)
  • Huge improvements to motorcycles
  • Improvements to other physics (eg making it possible to ram police vehicles, slightly more realistic PIT maneuver)
  • automated brakes have been disabled for every single vehicle
  • Police cars dont drive like on rails anymore, more realistic physics are applied to their vehicles
  • Alternative "Scaled Topspeed" version of this mod, offering speed governor and brake assist
  • Option for increased vehicle deformation

supported DLCs:
  • ill Gotten Gains 1
  • ill Gotten Gains 2
  • Lowrider
  • Halloween
  • Executives
  • XMAS 3
  • January2016
  • Valentine
  • Lowriders 2
  • Further Adventures in Finances
  • Cunning Stunts
  • Bikers
  • Import/Export
  • MPSpecialRaces

Included vehicle categories:
Supercars, Sports Cars, Coupes, Sedans, Compacts, Classic Sportscars, Muscle Cars, Lowriders, SUVs, Offroad, Vans, Service, Emergency, Motorcycles.

Not included:
Heavy Trucks, Helicopters, Planes, Boats

Custom cars:
This mod was developed specifically for vanilla 3D-models. Custom car models have completely different center of mass and wheelbase. Making this mod work with all custom cars is impossible. Using custom cars will have a very noticeable negative impact on car handling. Dont complain about things that i cannot possibly fix. please.

version 2.3
-added Virgo Classic (no ABS), Virgo Classic Custom (no ABS)
-added more realistic InversePower settings
-added alternative version compatible with GTAV 1.36 (1.0.877)
-reworked FWD cars: Asterope, Blista1, Blista2, Penumbra, Pigalle, Prairie, Brioso, Dilettante, Issi, Minivan, Premier, Primo, Stratum, Surge
-tweaked SUVs: Cavcade, FQ2, Gresley, Habanero, Landstalker, Radius, Serrano, XLS
-improved sportscar handling: Carbonizarre, Coquette1, GP1, RE7B, Tempesta, TurismoR, Tyrus
-misc car tweaks: Blade, Cogcabrio, Cognoscenti, Windsor2
-minor surface grip tweaks (sand, mud, wet tarmac)

version 2.2
-added 'MPSpecialRaces' DLC cars: GP1, Infernus2, Ruston, Turismo2
-reworked X80 Proto, Nero2, Infernus handling
-fixed supercar topspeed issues appearing after GTA Online update
-minor deformation improvements to cars lacking proper damage model:
-small adjustments to rally car offroad grip

version 2.1
-created 'increased deformation' version
-complete rework of all dirt bikes
-added new bikes: BF400, Esskey, Manchez
-added trikes: Chimera, BF Raptor

version 2.0.1 (hotfix):
-fixed crash to desktop when loading a second savegame
-increased grip on wet tarmac
-small grip adjustments to dusty concrete, sandstone, sand, snow
-increased speed of AI vehicles on highways
-tweaked Alpha handling
-tweaked Buffalo S handling
-tweaked ItaliGTB Custom handling
-tweaked T20 handling
-tweaked Tempesta handling
-small adjustments to: Avarus, Buffalo, Comet Retro, Elegy Retro, Kuruma, Rapid GT, Rapid GT Convertible, Reaper, Voltic2, X80

version 2.0:
-189 new vehicle handlings created from scratch
-cars have been given more detailed handling characteristics
-rework of all driveable surfaces (grip and properties)
-removed 130kph speed cap on dirt roads
-reworked collisions with foliage
-more realistic suspension settings (thx to downforce)
-curbs and small bumps have increased effect on handling
-improved weight transfer and vehicle rollover
-new tires pysics allow for less understeer
-drifting requires active countersteer
-support for all DLCs up to Import/Export
-Introduction of proper downforce
-Introduction of non-ABS cars
-Introduction of "Scaled Topspeed" version.
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First Uploaded: October 22, 2015
Last Updated: 7 days ago
Last Downloaded: 5 seconds ago


  • 2c5eb4 diekillatomate 100
    Pinned Comment

    Creating vehicle handlings one-by-one is very time consuming. Some vehicles had their last rework a long long time ago. Rockstar has changed the driving physics many times since i started this mod. R* changed engine behavior and transmission in order to battle double-clutching. They removed body mod modifiers from cars to "fix" Re7B and Omnis. They changed suspension behaviour and reduced rear tire grip (1.39). Some vehicles in my mod dont handle like they were originally intended. FWD cars and SUVs have been feeling wierd for a while now. Thats why i decided to rework the biggest offenders. I tweaked 33 cars and added 2 new cars. FWD cars understeer properly now and their weight transfer when braking is increased. Created non-ABS brakes for a few cars. Some sports cars have increased stability and handle better. I also took some time and created a version of this mod compatible with 1.36 (1.0.877). Update 2.3 will be released in a few hours.

    v2.3 Changelog:

    -added Virgo Classic (no ABS), Virgo Classic Custom (no ABS)
    -added more realistic InversePower settings
    -added alternative version compatible with GTAV 1.36 (1.0.877)

    -reworked FWD cars: Asterope, Blista1, Blista2 (no ABS), Penumbra, Pigalle (no ABS), Prairie
    -tweaked FWD cars: Brioso, Dilettante, Issi, Minivan, Premier, Primo, Stratum, Surge
    -tweaked SUVs: Cavcade, FQ2, Gresley, Habanero, Landstalker, Radius, Serrano, XLS
    -improved sportscar handling: Carbonizarre, Coquette1, GP1, RE7B, Tempesta, TurismoR
    -misc car tweaks: Blade, Cogcabrio, Cognoscenti, Windsor2
    -increased downforce: Tyrus, RE7B
    -improved rotating headlight angle for Infernus2 and Turismo2
    -minor surface grip tweaks (sand, mud, wet tarmac)

    7 days ago
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @xxx78 The name is REALISTIC driving for a reason. Idk if you are old enough to have your own car in RL but if you do, you know that the vanilla handling has nothing to do with realism.

    6 days ago
  • E35391 10301415 636649746413393 5970416911985354140 n

    @forter4 @Cyron43 Not sure why people download this mod, then moan about how's it's too realistic for them and they can't drive round corners at 200 mph. @Killatomate Don't think it could be any more obvious that this mod makes cars drive more realistically!! Anyway ignore the haters who think Vanilla handling is better cause it's not. This shit is simply awesome :)

    6 days ago
  • Cd4f06 franco

    @Killatomate Would you happen to have a list of things that you changed with this newest update...with the numerical changes? I have since tweaked a lot of other car settings since installing this and I don't want to go into everything and change them again

    6 days ago
  • E986f9 kittypp

    This is great! Well done!

    6 days ago
  • 2c5eb4 diekillatomate 100

    @forter4 You can download Notepad++ for free. In Notepad++ go to Plugin Manager and download the "compare" plugin. Open both handling versions in tabs and activate Compare plugin. Open your own custom handling file in a different text editor to start editing. A warning: dont compare different handling mods with this plugin. Once you know how many mods are simply ripped content from other mods without giving credit you will never see the modding community the same way again.

    6 days ago
  • E8b165 saeedsg220

    veryGood !

    5 days ago
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @krissboo They don't even complain about it being "too realistic". Apparently all those people are little kiddos who don't know how real vehicles behave. I guess they were under the illusion they will never crash again with this mod because (<sarcasm>of course</sarcasm>) it's not their fault when they crash but the shi**y vanilla handling parameters.

    5 days ago
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @forter4 If you still have the old version you can compare both handling.meta files via WinMerge. http://winmerge.org/?lang=en
    Just in case you don't know: replace the .oiv extension with .zip and you can grab into that file like any other zip.

    5 days ago
  • E35391 10301415 636649746413393 5970416911985354140 n

    @Cyron43 Well I suppose if it's kids, then we can't really blame them when they can't drive for real, and think everything is just like a video game. But they need to stop and think before moaning about this awesome handling mod simply because it's too hard for them to drive without crashing or spinning out because they have "full throttle fingers" ;)

    5 days ago
  • 088582

    @Killatomate I really like how you give attention to small details, good job m8

    5 days ago
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @krissboo I wouldn't give a damn about them if they wouldn't give it a low rating. It's similar with my VAutodrive mod. People who are too lazy to read the guide, miss out on much, rate low and complain about things they wouldn't if only they have read the guide.

    5 days ago
  • Cd4f06 franco

    @Cyron43 @Killatomate Oh perfect! Yea, I definitely use the compare feature on Notepad++, but I didn't know how to access the files in the oiv file..thanks!

    5 days ago
  • E35391 10301415 636649746413393 5970416911985354140 n

    @Cyron43 Too many small minded people who can't/won't read things for themselves, then blame the creator if the mod doesn't do what they think it should, not what it would do if they read the frikkin descriptions and readme ;) Still, thankfully there's enough decent people here to balance out all the stupidity ;)

    5 days ago
  • 3b3868 cyron43 in gallifreyan

    @krissboo Word! :)

    5 days ago
  • Default

    @Killatomate are you ever going to add realistic transmission ratios?

    5 days ago
  • B5b058 picsart 05 16 12.46.00

    Wow, this mod its very cool..!!

    4.5 stars for make experience driving like racing game

    And less 0.5 stars for motorcycle like GTA IV, very difficult for me...

    Sorry if you do not like my judgment. Peace... :)

    4 days ago
  • Default

    how the heck... you are the only person to upload this kind of mod since 2015, i cant believe someone would work on something like that for so long!

    4 days ago
  • Michael

    man I have a question that is realistic driving v real top speed and realistic driving v scaled top speed what is the difference?

    4 days ago
  • 7cddd3 fb img 1474856966829

    It's kind of difficult for me to drive the bikes, is there any way to turn more easily?

    2 days ago
  • Default

    like mod but dont like how much wheel spin you get in the carbonizzare

    1 day ago
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