Vapid Sadler 4x4 (Classic) [Add-On | Tuning] 1.5


The Vapid Sadler 4x4 (Classic) [Add-On | Tuning]
v1.5 (Bonus Stock Declasse Yosemite Classic)

v1.4 = The Vapid Sadler 4x4 (Classic) [Add-On | Extras]
v1.0 = old.

DESCRIPTION: (Legendary Motorsport)
"No problem getting a pair of 300lb tweens in the back of this bad boy...
The Vapid Sadler 4x4 (Classic) is a 2-Door pick-up for the countryside
Americans.The best-selling and least fuel-efficient vehicle in the United States
for over 20 years. The Vapid Sadler 4x4 is every farmers dream truck.
only a real man would drive this if he's built Vapid tough."

The truck's performance is the inversion of that of the Bobcat, with poor-to moderate speed and acceleration, but superior handling, stability and off-roading capabilities due to its higher ground clearance. The engine model appears to be an inline 4 (4 cylinder), mounted transversely, similar to that of the Bobcat. The truck was originally named the Sadler in GTA SA Declasse made the Yosemite which is the Lowrider version of the Vapid Sadler 4x4, but with a Declasse Lowrider customization, The Yosemite is now depicted as a medium-sized pickup truck seemingly based on the 1967-1972 second generation C10. The Sadler was also a "beater" Sadler in GTA San Andreas. Similar to the Glendale, there was a damaged version of the truck, internally named "SADLSHIT". Even when repaired, the panels remain damaged. On the front and back panels, there was no license plate.

The Sadler is one of the lower class pickup trucks available in the game and functions as a farm truck, resulting in it appearing more frequently in rural regions of San Andreas. Like certain pickup trucks in the game, the Sadler will come with loads on its truck bed, such as oil drums, Sprunk cans, or wooden crates. The truck is based on a 1971 Ford F-250 but the placement of the grille is similar to 1970s era International Harvester pickup trucks.

How to install:
1. You need an OpenIV program .
2. Turn on the edit mode “Tab - File, item - edit mode”.
3. Put "sadlclass" folder in: ( mods\update\x64\dlcpacks )
4. Add this line: ( dlcpacks:/sadlclass/ )
to dlclist.xml in: ( mods\update\update.rpf\common\data )

All Extras, wheels an bodystyle new classic truck side mirrors
New Custom Vapid Sadler 4x4 Badge. The performance of
the car has also changed.

Tuned headlights, Functioning brake lights, Parking lights
Direction indicators, Breakable body, headlights an glass
There are holes from bullets, Working devices, Tuned camera
when driving from the first person, Hands on the wheel, Engine model
Display in high quality mirrors, Its shadow, Well-developed mud mapping
The model contains all levels of detail (LOD), 3D tires and wheels,
The model is compatible with the basic functions of the game engine
High-quality HQ model; Detailed interior.

Rockstar games for their original models, game content and documents.

Special thanks to: gunziness for his/her suggestions, The 5mod community
for downloading, using and sharing my vehicle models, more to come
in the future stay tuned.

The 5mods community is more than welcome to use this model
for any type of mods they are creating, it was a personal model
that i made for my own game, but i had a few friends that wanted me
to upload a different mod on this website, so i thought i would share my
custom trucks. enjoy and have fun, please report any issues
with the model if you find any.
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