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Ever wanted to turn GTA 5's default C tier weapon sounds into something more AAA-like dramatic? You've found the right mod! New sounds from Insurgency Sandstorm, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019, Battlefield franchise and other military-oriented games will certainly fill the gap in GTA 5's dull gunplay. For complete audiophilia, make sure your sound device handles stereo well.

1. Open up "Main" folder, extract RGS41.oiv on your desktop or any other place you can comfortably use stuff from.
2. Run OpenIV, choose "Grand Theft Auto V" option (if you've never used OpenIV before, choose path to your game directory).
3. Once OpenIV is up and running, click "Tools" on the top panel and then click "Package Installer".
4. Choose path to RGS41.oiv you extracted from the archive at step 1.
5. Installation window must appear, click "Install" (I would recommend install it into "mods" folder).
6. After installation process is complete, you're good to go, launch the game and enjoy.

— Mod was tested on latest game version (at the time) and to this day still works perfectly. If your game began to crash after installing the mod, review the mods you had installed before and check if RGS conflicts with any of them (shouldn't conflict with much though, since it's just a sound replacement).
— You're allowed to reupload this mod to any other modding resources ONLY if all of the mod authors are mentioned (credited) correctly.
— If this mod (in its original form, unedited) is included in your modpack that you're planning to publicly share, ask for my permission.
— Using this mod as a base or using any resources of this mod is prohibited.
— Recommended for better experience: https://gta5-mods.com/scripts/gun-recoil.
— If you will run into any trouble or have any questions to ask, you can contact me on Discord: xenort (old XENORT#4615).
— My Discord server (it's dead, don't bother joining lol): https://discord.gg/pfpqNVD.

XENORT – weapon reloading sounds, weapon fire sounds, mixing/editing, fixes and improvements.
420x420, MaoBO – original weapon fire sounds (http://www.gtainside.com/en/gta5/mods/100786-baka-mania-updated-weapon-sounds/).
ThisIsntMyName – realistic taser sound (http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/16834-reworked-taser-sound/).

Not much else to say. Please, enjoy.

v4.1.1 (coldfix):
— WOW NEW UPDA~ No, just fixing some bugs that began to occur for some users after 3 years of v4.1 existing
— Restructered files inside the mod archive to be more easy to navigate, added Guide.txt explaining everything within the mod archive
— Removed automatic uninstaller since, apparently, it didn't work correctly for most of the people

— Added compatibility with FiveM (special thanks to Kevin.L852 for helping me out)
— Added "Sounds Only" optional installation method
— Added automatic uninstaller
— Added "Classic" version (latest RGS version with original weapon fire sounds by 420x420 and MaoBO for those who prefer)
— New sounds for Military Rifle and Perico Pistol
— Improved sounds for Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Machine Gun, Combat MG and Combat Pistol
— Slightly improved echo sound effects and weapon reloading/handling sounds
— Minor fixes and improvements

— Weapon fire and weapon reloading sounds big rework
— New sound for Navy Revolver, Revolver and Double Action Revolver
— Improved echo sound effects, weapon handling sounds, collision sounds once again (body fall sounds, bullet impact sounds, etc.)
— New sounds for melee fights and shell casings
— Other bug fixes and improvements

— Fixed audio bug related to revolver's chamber
— Improved "shell insert" sound for Doublebarrel Shotgun and "mag in" sound for sniper rifles
— New sound for Assault Rifle, Micro SMG and Compact Rifle
— Improved sound for Vintage Pistol, Combat MG and Bullpup Shotgun
— Made Combat Pistol and Pistol .50 louder
— Minor bug fixes and improvements
— Added optional installation method without .meta file replacements and muzzle flash textures

— Weapon reloading sounds rework
— New sounds for Revolver and Double Barrel Shotgun
— Improved collision sounds (body fall sounds, bullet impact sounds, etc.)
— Improved muzzle flash textures
— Improved effects for all of the game's weapons
— Various sound adjustments and bug fixes
— Improved compatibility with latest GTA V patch
— Fixed automatic .oiv installer

— Changed "mag in" sound for MP5, "mag out" for assault rifles and "bolt back" for SMGs
— Lowered Pistol volume

— Added "Reworked Taser Sound 1.0.0" by ThisIsntMyName

— Fixed broken Carbine Rifle MK2 sound
— Fixed color tinting on MK2 weapons
— Fixed inability to equip drum magazines
— Added fully automatic .oiv installer

— Fixed Carbine Rifle and Advanced Rifle sounds

— Changed "bolt back" sound for SMGs
— Fixed missing echo sound effects

— Adjusted reloading sounds for assault rifles

— Weapon reloading sounds rework

— Fixed Firework Launcher bug
— Fixed broken Assault Rifle sounds

— Release

P.S.: why was this called "REALISTIC" guns sounds again? No idea, mistakes of the youth probably.
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First Uploaded: March 06, 2017
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