Reservoir Air Base (WIP) 6.0


*The Land Act Reservoir Air Base (L.A.R.A.B.) is a private espionage/military air base facility; constructed on top of the dam reservoir in the middle of Tataviam Mountains of Los Santos.*

Reservoir Air Base Features:

• Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (E.M.A.L.S.) on the launch ramp for the fast
launch/ take off from the facility.
• Huge hanger; big enough to hold a cargo plane and several other aircrafts.
• State of the art technology, "Glowing Landing Ground (G.L.G.)" ensures safe landing.
• Multiple helipads throughout the facility.
• Multiple aircrafts and other vehicles around the facility
• Multiple storage and vehicle parking spaces
• Electromagnetic Advanced Arresting Gear (E.A.A.G.) throughout the base to slow
down the aircraft while landing.

***This Project was created using Menyoo Object Spooner***

|| ChangeLog ||

~Version 1
- Foundation ground for the facility established on top of the dam reservoir
- Added land entrance/exit from the reservoir main side road to facility
- Added few aircrafts around the facility
- Hanger constructed
- Aircraft launch ramp constructed with E.M.A.I.L.S. system
- Added few helipads around the facility
- Added few vehicles around the facility
- Constructed command tower
- Aircraft landing area builded with E.A.A.G. system

~Version 2
- Deleted unnecessary props
- Fixed alignments of aerobridge to S.H.I.E.L.D. BUS
- Added apron/ramp area for S.H.I.E.L.D. BUS
- Added props around S.H.I.E.L.D. BUS apron/ramp
- Added hanger storage level 2 base
- Added hanger walls and few props to level 2
- Added ramp/path to hanger storage level 2
- Added few vehicles around the facility
- Added collision to few props around the facility

~Version 3
- Fixed alignment of props next to launch ramp
- Added landing guide lights
- Fixed the alignment of landing runway
- Fixed the alignment of landing runway guide lights
- Deleted unnecessary props
- Added heilpads
- Added new vehicles

~Version 4
- Added few props to hanger storage level 2
- Added vehicles and props to hanger ground level
- Added few vehicles around the facility
- Added building with carpark and Helipad to the front left side of hanger
- Added path to the hanger roof storage from road.
- Deleted unnecessary props

~Version 5
- Adjusted alignment of props Infront of hanger
- Deleted unnecessary props
- Opened cargo bay doors of all vehicle for easy access
- Added props to hanger roof storage
- Added aircrafts / other vehicles to hanger roof storage
- Froze all unnecessary props

~Version 6
- Replaced Cargo Plane in the Hanger with TAV-37 Valkyrie
- Upgrade all vehicles in the map; most vehicle have weapons now
- Froze unused props
- Fixed alignments of aerobridge to TAV-37 Valkyrie in the Hanger
- Added apron/ramp area for Mammoth Avenger; right side of hanger entrance
- Added props around Mammoth Avenger apron/ramp area
- Added Military Border Checkpoint in all 3 entry and exit routes to the Reservoir Air Base
- Adjusted the alignment of lights in 4th border checkpoint
- Additional 31 extra props added around the map

__Install these if you don't have them__

Script Hook V

Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod]

Place these in your GTA V directory.


*Ensure you have the latest version of the game and menyoo trainer to ensure all props load*

>Place the "LARAB __.xml" in GTA V Directory\menyooStuff\Spooner

>Spawn menyoo menu once in game; select object spooner > select manage saved files > select "__LARAB__.xml" > select load placements

[Vehicles Present at LARAB by other creators]:

SHIELD Quinjet [ADDON] By JDeezNutz

SHIELD Lexus GX [ADDON] By JDeezNutz

SHIELD Lola [ADDON] By JDeezNutz

TAV-37 Valkyrie By SkylineGTRFreak

Avengers QuinJet [Add-On] By JDeezNutz
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