No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod [FINAL]


Script Mod's No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod!
My mod as you can probably guess from the title turns the city into either a drought, tsunami aftermath or the lost city of Atlantis! This adds a whole other world for you to explore under the surface, or a competely new experience for the city!
I am constantly coming up with new ideas that would work well with this and will work on them over time. Recently Featured on PCGamer.com & VG247.com

Version History-

  • Added Default ambientpedmodelsets.meta
  • Various Sealife Spawn(Grove St. only ATM)

  • Experimental Crazy Waves! *CAUTION*
  • Shallow w/Big Waves
  • Tsunami w/Big Waves
  • Atlantis w/Big Waves

Official Installation Video

  • If you are being forced to UPDATE use this:

      Boot up the game and once you're in-game, go to task manager and close GTA V, it will then give you the option to go in safe mode or retry (Or it might ask you to sign in again), leave that menu open (Don't sign in yet if you got the option to sign in), now, install the water.xml using the below instructions. Once you've done that, click retry (or sign in and it should launch).

  • How to install water mods-
    • Extract the water.xml from the archive.
    • Run OpenIV and open common.rpf
    • Open the "data" folder.
    • Open the "levels" folder.
    • Open the "gta5" folder.
    • Right-click on the water.xml file and select "replace".
    • Choose the extracted file.

  • How to install No Pedestrian's mod-
    • Extract the popcycle.dat from the archive.
    • Run OpenIV and open the "update" folder
    • Open the "update.rpf" file
    • Open the "common" folder.
    • Open the "data" folder.
    • Open the "levels" folder.
    • Open the "gta5" folder.
    • Right-click on the popcycle.dat file and select "replace".
    • Choose the extracted file.

  • NOTE: The no ped mod is completely OPTIONAL.

  • How to install Sea Life Mod-
    • Extract the ambientpedmodelsets.meta from the archive.
    • Run OpenIV and open common.rpf
    • Open the "data" folder.
    • Open the "ai" folder.
    • Right-click on the ambientpedmodelsets.meta file and select "replace".
    • Choose the extracted file.

  • Sea Life mod is in early stages atm, will be adding more animals and locations soon! for now various animals only spawn at Grove St.

  • NOTE: The Sea Life mod is completely OPTIONAL.

  • For Tsunami do the same, except replace files from the Tsunami folder.

  • For Atlantis do the same, except replace files from the Atlantis folder.

  • I will NOT be held liable for any bans/suspensions that may occur from using this, Rockstar Recently confirmed that no bans will be issued for single player mods. This mod is designed for single player. If you choose to use it online you are held responsible.

    If you have any problems getting it to work without rebuilding, then try rebuilding as a last resort.

    NOTE: Some places of the city won't be flooded and higher parts of the map. You may get odd game crashes when dealing with pedestrians as their paths aren't made for underwater.

  • A backup water.xml has been included within the archive which can be used to restore the original water level if you want to uninstall my mod. Be sure to still backup any pre-existing files just to be safe.

  • Requires OpenIV [2.6] which can be found here -

    In order to use this YOU NEED OpenIV's ASI plugin. It will ask you to automatically install on first launch of the latest version. Without this you cannot use edited RPF's. It also seems select people don't know how to read and are having trouble understanding this, I will not reply to comments that are caused by people being ignorant. Though genuine comments will be answered!

    Not to be re-distributed anywhere else without my permission. Please don't use Ad links in video descriptions. Thanks and have fun!

    My Mod has been nominated for "Best Independent Mod for Games 2015"
    Vote for my Mod here!
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    First Uploaded: May 09, 2015
    Last Updated: May 26, 2015
    Last Downloaded: 13 minutes ago

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    • Lts
      Script Mods
      Pinned Comment

      Sorry that I haven't been around lately, I've been too busy with work :)

      November 28, 2015
    • 18fc6b i7 로고

      Can you make Flood mod?

      August 07, 2016
    • Default

      The normal water.xml isn't working... I forgot to back up the original water.xml so I'm stuck with no water on the map. Does anyone know what I should do to fix this?

      August 19, 2016
    • Default

      @Bendejo42 Using Open IV in recent versions has become less simple. You are probably not actually changing the .xml files. You need to be in mod folder and in edit mode.

      August 26, 2016
    • Default

      @Fox11111111111111111 That's the way it's always been. At least there is no water in the other half of the island which is fun too. :)

      August 26, 2016
    • Default

      @Script Mods: Still love this mod. Reducing peds is essential it seems as they always cause a GTA V crash after a while. I wish there was a way to have calm water and flooded instead of big waves. I like boating around the flooded city.

      August 26, 2016
    • Default

      @SammytheSlugg Yes it is I just used it. You probably failed to replace the other .xml. Open IV has become less intuitive recently and it's easy to mess up. Make sure to right click and 'open in mods' folder as well as using edit mode prior to selecting 'replace'. I do have to run Open IV in admin mode too.

      August 26, 2016
    • Default

      @digitalclips I fixed it

      August 26, 2016
    • 1a2dfb 2015 08 23 213939

      I've never used the "replace" button. I've always just drag & drop files. AMAZING MOD! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK. Even after all this time. Its one of the best. EVER.

      August 26, 2016
    • Default

      It just won't work, every time I open up my game it forced update and the mod won't load. I've tried the method in the description and It just won't work. Please reply me if you know how to fix it, thx.

      August 28, 2016
    • 7a5f87 936355 profile picture by the  clarinet  squid d7wul0f

      good that i created a backup folder

      download my popular upload

      September 30, 2016
    • Default

      can someone plz help, i i am trying to replace my tsunami mod back to normal but no matter what it is still the tsunami mod running!

      October 01, 2016
    • Default

      @thegamerman i do not see a common.rpf in the mods folder

      October 01, 2016
    • Default

      is this still up to date?

      October 01, 2016
    • Default

      why pedestrian while mod tsunami could crash just as confused do not know the track and how to fix its no let pedestrians still exist today mod tsunami and no crash

      October 03, 2016
    • Default

      I cant remove this mod, I tried this tutorial but it still didn´t work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1Bfn1K0628&t=9s

      October 21, 2016
    • 25a9e2 koengisegg regera front moretwist 256x256

      @Snowcatxx87 If you don't see a common.rpf in the mods folder and your mod is still running, then you didn't install it in the mod folder but in the actual game folder. That means you'll probably have to delete the common.rpf in the game folder and then verify game cache, it should then automatically redownload the whole common.rpf.

      October 27, 2016
    • Default

      how to actived mod ???

      October 28, 2016
    • Default

      it is already actived just go to los santos

      November 21, 2016
    • Default

      If you are having trouble udoing or fixing the water back to normal... literally go to the game directory and delete the "common.rpf"... once you do that, logoff your desktop account and log back in... open the game and boom... it should be just fine.

      November 27, 2016
    • Efeb1c 4410

      Nice mod.-No water
      How do I remove aquatic plants?
      They are annoying especially the floating ones

      9 days ago
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