Old Gen Assets 3.4


This mod restores various content (map models and textures, props, UI textures and players textures) from and based on the old gen version of the game.

- Sculpture at Vespucci Beach.
- Mirror in the bedroom of the GTA Online high end apartment.
- Wood walls for the Vinewood police station exterior.
- Beach foam textures (enhanced).
- Street, traffic and wall lights bulbs textures (enhanced).
- Palms trunk and leafs textures (both enhanced and remade from scratch).
- Beach fences texture (remade from scratch).
- Dynasty 8 for sale sign (removed the "FOR SALE" and changed the wood texture to white).
- Banana palms leafs and a few palm fan trunks models from the old gen version.
- Blue ceiling lights for the story mode medium car garage.
- Badger Tower animated sign switched back to a simple wall.
- Cigarettes vending machine texture.
- Multiple retextured bushes.
- Multiple trunk and leafs retextures for various trees (olive, oak, jacada, birch).
- Different lights colors (green, orange, red) in the alley of Vespucci Beach from the mission "Repossession".

- Badger, Facade and iFruit 9iX phones models.
- Phones wallpapers and icons.
- Interaction and wardrobe menu banners.
- Blimp contact icon for the phone.
- FIB vehicles and peds scenarios at the Satellite Relay Station.
- Busted and wasted sounds.
- Retriever second texture variation.

- Michael's gray suit jacket (purple inside instead of gray).
- Hockey masks textures (clean and dirty) for Franklin, Michael and Trevor.

- Pre-patch jerry can model.
- White and black combat pistol (default tint).

- Red dials (plus two car badges applied to the dials) and stitches for the Banshee.
- Dark brown interior for the Super Diamond.
- Black dials for the Turismo R (plus the car badge applied to one of the dials), Cheetah, Infernus, Comet and Furore GT.
- Red interior for the Infernus.
- Light blue and orange lightbar texture for the Police Stanier, Buffalo, Cruiser, Transporter, Stockade, Bike, Sheriff SUV, FIB Granger, Buffalo and Park Ranger Granger.
Note: previews can be viewed here.

Mods folder.

Move the "lgassets" and "lgvehicles" folders in "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks" and add "<Item>dlcpacks:/lgAssets/</Item>" and "<Item>dlcpacks:/lgVehicles/</Item>" to the "dlclist.xml".
Import "content.xml" in "mods\update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpheist".
Import "countryside.ymt" in "mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\scenario".
Import "mp_wasted.awc" and "offmission_wasted.awc" in "mods\x64\audio\sfx\SCRIPT.rpf".

Special Thanks
dexyfex for CodeWalker.
The OpenIV Team for OpenIV.
3Doomer for GIMS Evo.
koolk for LibertyV.
DK22Pac for the WFT/XFT to DFF converter.
cj2000 for the R* RW IO for 3DS Max.
Neos7 for the GTA V Map Helper script for 3DS Max.
talkol for the placement_v4.txt file.
Dekurwinator for the portals tutorial.
RaduG for the police station and palms comparisons.
comet_ for finding the changed cigarattes vending machine picture.
Skylumz for Sollumz plugin for Blender.

Changed the color of Infernus, Comet and Furore GT dials from blue to black.
Added back a removed palm at Vespucci (near the alley from the mission "Repossession").
Updated both dlc packs.
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