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Hi, guys. I'm proud to release my new work Project Horizon, basically this is the spiritual successor, to my old graphic mod Project 2KHD. How this works, this time I made 5 ReShade presets on ReShade 3.0.4 and 2 ENBs, in the Read Me are all the details about them. Just for mention the presets, they are Natural, Bright, Colorful, Realistic and Horizon. All of they looks greats and serve for the purpose I made them. You can have 10 different feeling of the game with just one mod, with 10 because you can decide on of 5 presets and 2 ENBs.

Please, before ask anything just read the Read Me on the zip file, is a very detailed one with installation guide, details on the presets, enbs and Q&A section.
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Thanks to:

ReShade by crosire and team
ENB by Boris Vorontsov
VisualV by _CP_& robi29

Special Thanks to QTmodz

No change on the graphics mod. I just added a more detailed Installation Guide and added the name of the preset used it on each screenshots.

06/23/17 Update v1.1
- Updated Both ENBs for VisualV 1.0.330 with:
Better cars reflections
More natural sunrise, sunset and clouds
- Increased a bit the colors and exposure on Natural and Realistic presets
- Tweaked the colors on Horizon preset using HSV shader
- Tweaked sharpening in all High End presets
- Tweaked hue in all presets
- Tweaked DOF, now with a little more intensity and more Boken
- and some more :)
[Please don't reupload my files, without my permission. Thanks]
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