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Hi, guys. Here I come with a new and excited update. I tried my best to improved my old presets. Hope you like them!!

Please, before ask anything just read the Read Me on the zip file, with a installation guide, details on the presets and more.
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Recommended Mods

- VisualV 1.0.390

- LA Billboards - Real LA MegaPack Add-On OIV 3.9

- Wheels Custom Pack - OIV Addon 3.2
Thanks to:

VisualV by _CP_& robi29
ReShade by crosire and team
ENB by Boris Vorontsov


No change on the graphics mod. I just added a more detailed Installation Guide and added the name of the preset used it on each screenshots.

06/23/17 Update v1.1
- Updated Both ENBs for VisualV 1.0.330 with:
Better cars reflections
More natural sunrise, sunset and clouds
- Increased a bit the colors and exposure on Natural and Realistic presets
- Tweaked the colors on Horizon preset using HSV shader
- Tweaked sharpening in all High End presets
- Tweaked hue in all presets
- Tweaked DOF, now with a little more intensity and more Boken
- and some more :)

04/10/18 v1.2
- Updated ENB for VisualV 1.0.390 with
Nicest cars reflections
Even more natural sunrise, sunset and clouds
Improved interior lighting during all day
Improved street lights during nights and nights ambience
- Updated Bright, Filmic, Horizon and Natural presets
- Cinematic a completely new preset
- Updated to Reshade 3.1.0 is more stable and makes my DOF and MXAO works perfectly
- Using newer and advanced shaders
- Using the less shaders possible without losing the presets aesthetics for better ingame fps
- A custom visualsettings for better cars lights and other stuff

05/11/18 v1.3
- Updated ENB with better car and chrome reflections
- Updated all presets:
The presets are been tweaked for a more natural looks
Decreased the tinting in Bright and Horizon, they will be not so blue.
In Filmic, I increased a little bit the green tint.
Corrected the colors saturation in Cinematic and Natural
- Reduced the red tint over the nights in all presets without affecting the days
- Disable FilmicAnamorphSharpen shader in all presets and assigned a button to activate it, if you want.
- And maybe something more!!

[Please don't reupload my files, without my permission. Thanks]
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