Trevor's Trailer As clean as possible 1.1b (hotfix)


Trevor's Trailer
In/Out v1.1b

>>>>>>>08/03 Hotfix (v1.1b) for both versions download it!
Patch for some forgotten files.
>>>>>install base version first
Send feedback if you still have dirt present (and what kind of), please!

[choose the right OIV for LaBillboard or Vanilla only ]

The untidy, shitty trailer finally cleaned up as clean as possibile!!
In & out makeover better than what Patricia Madrazo did!! :D

This mod is a step better than the cleaned up you can see in my Salton Sea mod,
(where these files will be added in the next update).

It was a huge job cleaning interiors, because codewalker has big problems with trevor's trailer (just for me?) so for every check I had to start the game.

There are problems to completely remove a few props beacause of lod model (see images), I need to work again with zmodeler to fix...so, please donate!
There is a problem after cleaning of cabinet and washer on home driveway:
When Ron Shooting (it's a script?), two beers are in the air (see images)...I don't know how (or if it's possible) move them on the near fence....

-v1.1b (for both versions)
Patch for some forgotten files.
-v1.1a LA Billboards version OIV properly fixed for install
-v1.1 standalone version
OIV installer
--Edited models---
Removed all kinds of dirt props outside (YMAP).
Removed lots of weed outside (YMAP).
Grass, Stone and concrete driveway in terrain model.
>>>>Removed all kinds of dirt from models in every section inside trailer, garage and all exteriors. ( S E E T H E V I D E O )
Trailer's decoration scheme now it's properly aligned on main door (and now is also present on Office door).
Added TPI logo on office door.
Decoration scheme on garage exterior.
Garage shutter renewed.

-v0.9 Base version, inside and out texture modifications only, present in Salton Sea 1.5

It's a standalone version but LOD textures it's based on LA Billboards / my Salton Sea mod so
I suggest to install my Salton sea mod first (But it is not essential)
and in any case, this Trevor's Trailer mod always after because it's like of update of that.
---If you want to have only this trailer mod, forget this clarification. ;)---

-Install OIV (If youhave LAbillboards version OR VanillaOnly version)
-Go to:
>>> mods\x64h.rpf\levels\gta5\interiors\V_int_26.rpf

and delete strictly this (look for exact filenames):

>>>>In case of problem for vanilla only
If Dirt still present
Install vanilla version, after install also labillboards version, install hotfix.
Have fun!
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