AssassinationV - A Simple Dispute [RAGE]


In real life, police officers are faced with endless possibilities. Some are life threatening. This plugin, make one of the life threatening moments, come to GTA 5.

You could be walking, writing a ticket, using the restroom, or sitting in your patrol car -- there will always be that one person who wants you dead!

When you initiate my plugin, at any random moment, you can be killed or shot at. So protect yourself. The surroundings are your best friend. But can also be your enemy.

When in game, if you haven't already set RagePluginHook to automatically load my plugin:

-Open the RPH console and load my plugin called "AssassinationV"
-Then hit Enter! Start your patrol going the opposite direction (TRUST ME)
- Or teleport to another part of the map (Preferable not too far)
- Ticket people, start a chase, perform a welfare check

The assassin will either chase you to kill you on foot or in car. (FOOT CHASE IS HIGHLY FREQUENT)

But always know that your life is in danger in the line of duty.

This is also LSPDFR.com and is to not be uploaded ANYWHERE else but these two sites.

DSonke1 (SteveTheKing04)- main Development
Albo1125 - Code
Fiskey111 - Code

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