Enhanced Native Trainer Update 33

After seeing ENT in serious need of an update (and with the other ENT members not having the time anymore to update ENT) I've taken on the role of keeping ENT as up to date as I can.

I've been releasing updates on GTAForums for a while now, but due to multiple requests - I'm going to put the changes here as well as in the ENT thread on GTAForums

This is built on Enhanced Native Trainer update 28 (so your previous database file and config will work with this).

Notable features include:

- Skin customiser
- Vehicle customiser
- Weapon customiser
- Organised & extra vehicles
- Organised & extra teleport locations
- Ability to save vehicles & skins
- Many additional general options
- Saves/restores settings across multiple uses
- Controller support

For installation details and keys/controls, and what's new in each release, please read the document in the ZIP.

This will tell you, for example, that by default, game controls are disabled whilst in the menu, but that you can turn this off in Miscellaneous > Trainer Options. See, useful.

You can redefine the keys using the supplied XML, which should be placed in the game directory.

Changes from update 28 to 30:

- Benny's Car mods (and vehicles) are available to spawn/Modify (with thanks to Froggz and other ENT members for helping/getting Benny's mods to work nicely).

- Area of Effects options have been added. You can find them under "world" (courtesy of Arewenotmen)

- Debug info is now a toggleable option (default off) under "world -> area effects". This is for those who want to debug random crashes related to the area effects options etc (and for those who don't want to see it all the time).

- Gravity Gun has been added (under Weapons). Equip the Stungun and just aim at an entity to 'pick them up' and press your fire key to get rid of them (works on controller and mouse + keyboard). "Equip Stungun" notification disappears after the option is disabled at the moment (I'll fix it so it doesn't appear on the screen all the time).

- "On/Off" has been replaced with checkboxes instead (felt it was cleaner).

- All Cunning Stunts vehicles have been added (they will despawn unless you use the "Disable despawn of DLC vehicles" option) with full customisation out the box.

- All Cunning Stunts props have been added ranging from race course Decor (flags, tyre walls etc) to full track pieces (loops, pipes etc).

- Added all Biker DLC vehicles + weapons including so far unreleased vehicles (like the Tron bike (SHOTARO) and Rat Rod in the middle of the image above. 9 unreleased vehicles in total so far are available to spawn and modify). As always - disable despawn of DLC vehicles (option under "vehicles"). Vehicles are marked with the "Biker" prefix.

- Bikes can be customised via ENT like any other vehicle. Rejigged the code so it shows Bike related headings instead of Car ones (i.e instead of "Skirts" it'll display "Sissy Bar" or instead of "Spoiler", it'll display "Drive Chain Cover").

- As per request - you can now lock your vehicle doors. The option can be found under Vehicle options (at the moment. I'll move it to Door options when I can figure out what's going on in there). If activated, you cannot leave/be pulled out of your vehicle (including bikes).

Compiled using the latest Scripthook lib. To prevent issues, make sure to use the latest scripthook (at the time of this upload).

Known Issues:

- Trikes display car related mod headings. This is due to how I'm getting the type of vehicle. Since a Trike isn't a motorbike, it'll display car related headings (just like the Quadbike above) because it thinks it's a car. I'll fix this later with a QoL (quality of life) update when I have time. Mods are still applied properly however!

- Reshade 1.1 will crash your game if you run ENT alongside it. I'm told Redux works fine however. It's way above my head, so not something I can fix.

- When loading ENT, unplug any controller and let your game load before plugging it back in. Not doing this will result in your game crashing during loading, or an infinite loading screen!

I've included the original thread as I (and others) still use it to test builds and give feedback on them.

If any of the other ENT team members want me to rename my updated fork of ENT (to prevent issues with the names and anything I may add which they may not want in ENT), please PM me and I'll change it.
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First Uploaded: October 08, 2016
Last Updated: March 19, 2017
Last Downloaded: 2 minutes ago

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  • Df5e9e censored avatar
    Pinned Comment

    Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 33 - Special Races update.

    ⦁ Updated scripthook lib to be up to date with the latest scripthook.
    ⦁ Updated vehicle despawn pointer (requires latest game update + DLC!).
    ⦁ Fixed Melee damage modifier (R* changed the native again...) so it works again.
    ⦁ Added all the Special Races vehicles.

    Contributions wholly thanks to @asdfchlwnsgy1236:
    Major Changes
    ⦁ Interior colors can now be changed for all cars.
    ⦁ Rewrote vehicle colors after properly identifying all 161.
    ⦁ Reorganized vehicle type identification so that it is now more unified.
    ⦁ Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to choose weapons for the bodyguards.
    ⦁ Added all of the missing wheels for motorbikes and Benny's custom cars.
    ⦁ Added all of the missing paints.
    ⦁ Added a "Player Data" submenu to the Player menu.
        -- Allows you to change the player's health, armor, and regeneration rate
    ⦁ Fixed the "Add All Upgrades" option in the vehicle modifications submenu.
        -- It now upgrades everything except for the wheels.
    ⦁ Fixed the "Remove All Upgrades" option in the vehicle modifications submenu.
        -- It now resets everything to default and randomizes the number plate text.
    ⦁ Fixed bodyguards sometimes attacking each other instead of the enemies.
    ⦁ Changed bodyguard attacking behavior.
        -- They no longer fire in bursts. Instead, they fire in full auto.

    The update will be available to download soon.

    March 19, 2017
  • Tubeguy

    @Zemanez @Slash_Alex can you add features spawn peds,animals please

    3 days ago
  • Ca59d0 gta f

    @EyesBlue1988 I can't but @Zemanez probably can. But he is sitting for an examination (or something) at the moment so who knows how long it will take.

    3 days ago
  • Tubeguy

    @Slash_Alex @Zemanez thanks is only for know if you add this feature :) you can do with calm not urgent

    3 days ago
  • Default

    hi sorry nut i have a big problem i have original gta v and when install any car in gta v its not run and show thic error https://ibb.co/ncD6MQ what do i do to fix it

    3 days ago
  • 20da85 derp

    thank you @Slash_Alex.it's now working :D

    3 days ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Handed my dissertation in on Monday, had an Exam today (with another one coming up). What fun... :(

    That looks like you've installed a mod into the update.rpf file and it went wrong, or an update broke the game.

    Right click your GTA V shortcut, and in the "Target" field, outside the speech marks put in: -repair (it'll look like Target: "....gta5.exe" -repair)

    Relaunch GTA, and it should start repairing your install/downloading fixed files (this'll only work on non-pirated copies though).

    I'll add it to the list. Shouldn't be too hard to do.

    3 days ago
  • 7f8af0 cc

    @Zemanez Hello!

    I like know if updates are released first in the GTAForum Topic or/and GitHub? if yes, how long does it take to get released here? because i really very like this Trainer and would like to be updated and avoid problems with crash/incompatibility (Because of updates are released by RockStar from update 33) and of course new features.

    3 days ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    @Rei Da Tecnologia
    I was going to release like "beta" versions with new features we hadn't been able to test properly onto the GTAForums topic for people to test en-mass so we could fix it a lot sooner than we can at the moment (since admins have to auth the upload, whereas on GTAForums we could just host a Google Drive or something and have almost hourly builds going on) but university caught up with me and @asdfchlwnsgy1236 so we haven't had time to develop anything new.

    I generally just compile a release (pulling in any changes people may have into my fork), test it on my own then release it here almost immediately. If you want the most up to date (stable ish) release, it'll be here.

    3 days ago
  • Tubeguy

    @Zemanez if you add map editor to Enhanced Native Trainer i'm happy and the people be happy you can do how menyoo that has object spooner how this trainer and wll be more complete :). Can you add all props (peds,animals,palms all, rocks, trees, etc.. , menyoo have this and map editor by Guadmanz have objects.list full with all props). Thanks if you do this

    2 days ago
  • Ca59d0 gta f

    @Zemanez I agree, what fun. I sent you a PM three weeks ago and the only thing i can add to it is to wish you even more luck. Laters.

    2 days ago
  • 20da85 derp

    just wondering if anyone knows a problem where you have your controller unplugged while loading then when you plug it back in it does not work in the game, i tried having it plugged in up to the point where you can choose to go into settings,story mode, online etc and then the controller works when i load up the game but i have found now no matter what i do when you press rb and y in any way or form it will not load the trainer without pressing f4 would be great if someone could give me some suggestions as it means i can play on my controller without having to go back and press my keyboard. thank you in advance

    2 days ago
  • Default

    Can you add a vehicle interior components options/modifications from the simple trainer mod to this mod please? I like to use your mod for saving my custom cars but when I spawn them, sometimes the car get equipped with a coffee cup or a phone rack in front of the car dashboard but sometimes it will not, making it pretty darn frustrating. Very much thanks if you can fix this.

    2 days ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    ENT uses Xinput to handle controller input, so when your game loads, mods are beginning to be initialised (which is why your game crashes with ENT and a controller plugged in. It's trying to find the controller, can't because the game hasn't loaded and crashes) so in your case, it's initialised the controller but it doesn't seem to have initialised it properly - hence why it doesn't work until you open ENT up (where it fully initialises it and works).

    The best way to fix it is just to plug your controller in when your save loads (instead of having it in on the options) and it should work then. It's definitely slower, but it should work properly.

    Huh ok, that's weird. It really should save it if it's possible. Do you know the mod category for the cups etc? Like is it a misc interior mod? or is unique per car?

    Just discovered they had PMs here (I'm not notified unless I look at my profile). To be honest, it would be great it if told me up front instead of having to jump through pages to find it :/.

    1 day ago
  • Ca59d0 gta f

    @Zemanez Well, i wish i knew this forum had such complicated PM system. :) Never mind. Cheers.

    1 day ago
  • Default

    cant do something in the mod menu

    22 hours ago
  • Default

    i have Tried 8,4,5,2 and 6 dosent work

    21 hours ago
  • 0add6d 大汪

    How to disable airbrake function? Its cery annoying while using controller.

    11 hours ago
  • Default

    I really like this kind of trainer especially when it saves my previous keys.BTW can i ask you a question.Can you add DLC cars including GTA Online cars like other trainers? Thanks

    4 hours ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Change the key binds in the ent-config.xml and it'll save your keybinds.

    DLC cars ARE already in ENT. They're under their respective categories with the DLC suffix (like Bikers for the Biker DLC etc).

    F5 or F6 on the keyboard. The controller bind is in the eng-config.xml file.

    3 hours ago
  • Default

    Where are player "outfits" saved? Can I import saved appearances that were created in menyoo or would I have to remake them?

    2 hours ago
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