Enhanced Native Trainer Update 34



After seeing ENT in serious need of an update (and with the other ENT members not having the time anymore to update ENT) I've taken on the role of keeping ENT as up to date as I can.

I've been releasing updates on GTAForums for a while now, but due to multiple requests - I'm going to put the changes here as well as in the ENT thread on GTAForums

This is built on Enhanced Native Trainer update 28 (so your previous database file and config will work with this).

Notable features include:

- Skin customiser
- Vehicle customiser
- Weapon customiser
- Organised & extra vehicles
- Organised & extra teleport locations
- Ability to save vehicles & skins
- Many additional general options
- Saves/restores settings across multiple uses
- Controller support

For installation details and keys/controls, and what's new in each release, please read the document in the ZIP.

This will tell you, for example, that by default, game controls are disabled whilst in the menu, but that you can turn this off in Miscellaneous > Trainer Options. See, useful.

You can redefine the keys using the supplied XML, which should be placed in the game directory.

Changes from update 28 to 30:

- Benny's Car mods (and vehicles) are available to spawn/Modify (with thanks to Froggz and other ENT members for helping/getting Benny's mods to work nicely).

- Area of Effects options have been added. You can find them under "world" (courtesy of Arewenotmen)

- Debug info is now a toggleable option (default off) under "world -> area effects". This is for those who want to debug random crashes related to the area effects options etc (and for those who don't want to see it all the time).

- Gravity Gun has been added (under Weapons). Equip the Stungun and just aim at an entity to 'pick them up' and press your fire key to get rid of them (works on controller and mouse + keyboard). "Equip Stungun" notification disappears after the option is disabled at the moment (I'll fix it so it doesn't appear on the screen all the time).

- "On/Off" has been replaced with checkboxes instead (felt it was cleaner).

- All Cunning Stunts vehicles have been added (they will despawn unless you use the "Disable despawn of DLC vehicles" option) with full customisation out the box.

- All Cunning Stunts props have been added ranging from race course Decor (flags, tyre walls etc) to full track pieces (loops, pipes etc).

- Added all Biker DLC vehicles + weapons including so far unreleased vehicles (like the Tron bike (SHOTARO) and Rat Rod in the middle of the image above. 9 unreleased vehicles in total so far are available to spawn and modify). As always - disable despawn of DLC vehicles (option under "vehicles"). Vehicles are marked with the "Biker" prefix.

- Bikes can be customised via ENT like any other vehicle. Rejigged the code so it shows Bike related headings instead of Car ones (i.e instead of "Skirts" it'll display "Sissy Bar" or instead of "Spoiler", it'll display "Drive Chain Cover").

- As per request - you can now lock your vehicle doors. The option can be found under Vehicle options (at the moment. I'll move it to Door options when I can figure out what's going on in there). If activated, you cannot leave/be pulled out of your vehicle (including bikes).

Compiled using the latest Scripthook lib. To prevent issues, make sure to use the latest scripthook (at the time of this upload).

Known Issues:

- Trikes display car related mod headings. This is due to how I'm getting the type of vehicle. Since a Trike isn't a motorbike, it'll display car related headings (just like the Quadbike above) because it thinks it's a car. I'll fix this later with a QoL (quality of life) update when I have time. Mods are still applied properly however!

- Reshade 1.1 will crash your game if you run ENT alongside it. I'm told Redux works fine however. It's way above my head, so not something I can fix.

- When loading ENT, unplug any controller and let your game load before plugging it back in. Not doing this will result in your game crashing during loading, or an infinite loading screen!

I've included the original thread as I (and others) still use it to test builds and give feedback on them.

If any of the other ENT team members want me to rename my updated fork of ENT (to prevent issues with the names and anything I may add which they may not want in ENT), please PM me and I'll change it.
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First Uploaded: October 08, 2016
Last Updated: March 19, 2017
Last Downloaded: 5 seconds ago

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  • Df5e9e censored avatar
    Pinned Comment

    Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 34 - Gun Running Update

    ⦁ Added all Gun Running Vehicles.
    -- Vehicles are marked with the "Gun Runner" suffix.
    -- Vehicles can be modified using ENT like any other vehicle
    ⦁ Added all Gun Runner weapons.
    -- Can be equipped with all new weapon components and finishes

    ⦁ Updated Vehicle despawn pointer.

    ⦁ Added GTA:MP's "unblock prop spawn" memory mod
    -- Added a lot more props (GTA:MP's complete list is down, so not all props have been added but 500+ have been in this update).
    -- Props are under the "Misc (Unblocked)" category.
    -- Memory mod enabled by default.

    ⦁ Added an "Enable MP Content" toggle under World submenu to allow for online content/IPLs to be loaded into SP.
    -- Don't worry when it says "Loading GTA: Online". It's just loading the map, not actual online. You won't get banned for using that option.

    ⦁ Added a butt-ton (!) of new DLC IPLs under the "Online Maps" sub category of the Teleportation submenu.
    -- Must be used in conjunction with "Enable MP Content" option otherwise IPLs will not load!

    ⦁ Fixed Heists IPLs not loading.
    -- Requires "Enable MP Content" to be toggled to work.

    --- Known Bugs/Issues! ---

    ⦁ Some new Gun Runner vehicles are missing preview images (couldn't find them in the files at time of release).
    ⦁ The new weapon tints for the MK2 weapons ARE in the source, but whenever I tried to use them - the game would crash so they have been commented out for this release.
    ⦁ Some IPLs don't load first time and require the user to re-select their option before it loads.
    ⦁ Some of the IPL names are a bit rubbish/non-descriptive (such as the Penthouse IPLs) so will be sorted at a later date.
    ⦁ Some of the Gun Runner IPLs don't fully function yet (For example the MOC is a black box).
    ⦁ Car modification names don't reflect the option in ENT (i.e the Roll Cages option changes the armour on the weaponised Tampa).

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    21 hours ago
  • Ca59d0 gta f

    @Vigilante All the Gunrunning DLC stuff (but HVY APC) is spawned normally for me. Are you sure your game is up-to-date? :))) Try to enable/disable 'Disable despawn of DLC vehicles' func.

    6 hours ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    If your game is fully up to date and you haven't edited the dlc-list.xml file inside update.rpf, the despawn pointer will kick in and work.

    If ENT's not loading - check the asiloader.log to see if ENT was injected properly.

    If it was and you don't see any errors, check the scripthook log to see if ENT crashed.

    From what I can tell, it's slightly different to the Heists one (The normal yacht is the Porn Yacht with stuff thrown around the deck, but the Heists one should be clean) but R* seems to re-use a LOT of scenery now. For example, they're also using shop IPLs in a couple of the Gun Runner cutscenes.

    I've removed the sheriff maverick and commented out the APC vehicle in the meantime though.

    What does the scripthook log say? You can also try looking in the ENT-log.

    6 hours ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Make sure your game is fully up to date and you haven't edited the dlc-list.xml file in update.rpf.

    6 hours ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    I've reuploaded update 34 with the missing ent-config.xml file and also temp. commented out the APC since it was crashing people's games for some reason.

    You can still download the old update 34 upload but you won't have the config file in it and the APC will crash your game..

    6 hours ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar


    Check the "asiloader.log" file to make sure ENT was injected properly. If you don't see any errors (it'll be called an "Exception" in the log), then check the scripthook log to see if ENT crashed just after being injected.

    6 hours ago
  • Default

    Doesn't work. I was using 28 half hour ago and then I dl'd this and moved the files into the gtav folder. Now f4 doesn't work. Brand new script hook. Up to date game.

    5 hours ago
  • Abe8a6 jon snow (s05e05)

    same here Not working for me i press f4 and nothing happens updated scripthok

    5 hours ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    @jonsnow7 @berighteous

    Can you check the asiloader.log file for any errors (if there's any - it'll have "Exception" in the entry)?

    If there's no exception entry, please check the scripthook log for any errors which have happened AFTER ENT was injected.

    I can't update the scripthook lib file ENT uses since I don't think the updated SDK is out but I haven't had a problem loading ENT (with the clonehook from Menyoo or the leaked scripthook).

    5 hours ago
  • Default

    @Zemanez The same problem does not work F4. There are no errors associated with the trainer in the log files. By the way, why is there no configuration file? Is not this the problem?

    4 hours ago
  • Ca59d0 gta f

    @AlkeSaSi No, it's not. But you can re-download fixed version from this page again. There will be the configuration file in the archive (+ some other issues fixed).

    @Zemanez Thank you.

    4 hours ago
  • Default

    Hi everyone, I managed to get it worked.

    You would need to download 'Enhanced Native Trainer Update 28' to get a file named 'ent-config.xml', which is not included here. The 'ent_customization.ini' included in this package did not work for me.

    After downloading, place the 'ent-config.xml' (from 'Enhanced Native Trainer Update 28') together with 'EnhancedNativeTrainer.asi' from 'Enhanced Native Trainer Update 34' (this page).

    When you have both files together at your GTA game folder it should work.

    Anyway, when I chose 'add all available upgrades' from the 'vehicle' tab, my game stopped working. After I restarted, my game became extremely laggy. I would appreciate some help. Thanks.

    4 hours ago
  • Michael

    I love your work. But The new rocket powered bike doesn't seem to be in there.

    4 hours ago
  • Ca59d0 gta f

    @arthurjyong Actually this trainer works even without the 'ent-config.xml' file. I checked. Moreover, you can re-download fixed version from this page again. There will be the configuration file in the archive (+ some other issues fixed).
    Is your game up-to-date, btw?!

    4 hours ago
  • Abe8a6 jon snow (s05e05)

    downloaded new ent file still nothing when i press f4

    4 hours ago
  • Default

    Is Enhanced Native Trainer Update 34 good like Update 33? Thank you for your great work? :)

    4 hours ago
  • Cfd95b justin 2k17

    @Zemanez I've tried both of the 34 versions, but neither of them seem to work properly. I overwrote the config file, but that didn't seem to help either. According to all the logs, ENT started without a problem, and it didn't crash. I'm using scripthook v1.0.1103.2 from the official site. Anything I can do to still make it work?

    4 hours ago
  • Default

    @Zemanez I have tried using this with FiveM specifically for the object spawning and I cannot get the menu to work. I also have TrainerV and Lamda installed but have tried removing them without any luck. Help please

    3 hours ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Last I looked FiveM was using Lua and not C++ (ENT's written in C++) for mods. I know Lambda is written in Lua (I've got the source) which maybe why that works and ENT doesn't.

    Huh that's strange. Are you using a graphics injector? As those in the past have put the overlay over ENT/other menus which makes it look like it's not working but it's in the background.

    The config shouldn't be doing this as ENT will just fall back to default binds if it's not present (F4 etc).

    You'll have to define "good". It seems to be working like before and apart from some users not being able to use it (doesn't appear in-game), I don't think there's any new bugs between update 33 and 34.

    Besides that, I've put the changelog for update 34 in the pinned comment. Between update 33 and 34 - I've added quite a lot of stuff.

    3 hours ago
  • Default

    Thank you for your good work again. :)
    I am a fan of Enhance Native Trainer.

    3 hours ago
  • Default

    @hugmugmie @hugmugmie hello can you help me w the trainer install mod for the disc version of gta v pc

    6 minutes ago
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