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    That sounds like a problem with the model itself (corrupt or broken). You can try removing the mod pack, verifying the game files (to fix any corrupt files) and re-install them to see if it makes a difference.

    15 hours ago
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    Are the cars you're trying to spawn custom or in-game ones?

    1 day ago
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    I either use Mafins' clonehook from his Menyoo updates or my own Clonehook but both are buggy and some stuff (natives mostly) don't work so it's only for quick testing to see if new vehicles etc spawn.

    3 days ago
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    @The Sheriff
    I'll look into it when I've got some spare time.

    Try verifying your game install to make sure no files became corrupted for whatever reason. Someone else had this exact same problem as you are having and it turned out 2 DLC updates were corrupted, but verifying and getting GTA to repair itself fixed the issue.

    5 days ago
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    Hm ok. Which driver model are you trying to use? (so we can recreate it on our end).

    7 days ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Sounds like a scripthook crash (like it couldn't spawn in a model - then ENT crashed as a result). Can you recreate it to see if it wasn't a one off?

    They're in ENT. They're on the last page of each weapon subcategory.

    I use all 3 since they work nicely together. Just change the open binds to suit.

    8 days ago
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    Temporarily disable Bluetooth and follow the rest of the steps. You're just wanting to temporarily turn off the controller so your PC doesn't "see" it until GTA has finished loading.

    8 days ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    I'll see what I can do with the addon wheels.

    You'd have to ask @Slash_Alex as he was the programmer for that feature.

    They're definitely in ENT. They should be in the final page of each weapon sub-category.

    9 days ago
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Thanks for fixing the download. I uploaded this pretty early in the morning (probably a bad idea...).

    Couldn't find the native you screenshotted which may be due to a change in the scripthook (AB did some "under the hood stuff" a few updates back).

    It sounds like a script conflict more than anything. Can you try just running ENT and no other mods to see if it's a conflict or something else?

    At the moment, no but it maybe added in the future.

    Menyoo's been working with ENT for a while now. I tracked down what was breaking it, so you can co-load again.

    9 days ago
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    Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 38


    ⦁ ENT now has the ability to find the Anti-despawn pointer by itself. This option is under "Misc" and allows the user to use MP vehicles if the hard coded despawn pointer doesn't work for whatever reason. It also means you can use ENT with new game updates before we release an official update! (you will have to use manual input for spawning new vehicles etc however).

    Thanks to Zorg93's EnableMPCars mod for the memory patterns!

    Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:


    ⦁ Added a 'Give All Weapons On Startup' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Give All Weapons On Startup' option.
    ⦁ Modified the 'Player Data' option completely. Rewritten from scratch.
    ⦁ Improved the 'Vehicles Tracking' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Lose Weapons On Arrest' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Realistic Crashes' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Chauffeur Model' option to pick a driver under the 'Chauffeur To Marker' menu.
    ⦁ Added a 'Mark On Map' option under the 'Bodyguards' menu.
    ⦁ Added an 'Engine Sound' option under the 'Vehicle Modifications' menu.
    ⦁ Added a 'Boost Radio Volume' option.
    ⦁ Fixed a bug under the 'Clouds' menu.
    ⦁ Added 'Collectible' and 'Stunts' locations.
    ⦁ Added a 'No Clouds' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Reset Weather' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Cop Weapons' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Peds Don't Like Weapons' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Prison Break' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Custom Weapon' option under the 'Ped Effects' menu.
    ⦁ Added a 'Toggle Vision For Sniper Rifles'.
    ⦁ Added a 'Phone Bill' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Friendly Fire' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Dynamic Health Bar' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Road Laws' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Show Fort Zancudo On Map' option.
    ⦁ Added a 'Show Bolingbroke Penitentiary On Map' option.
    ⦁ Added a '3D Marker' option.
    ⦁ Added an 'Animal Bodyguards' option.
    ⦁ 'Chauffeur To Marker' option has been rewritten from scratch.
    ⦁ Improved the 'Locked Doors' option + hotkey. You won't be dragged out of your vehicle anymore.
    ⦁ Added an 'Anti-Theft System' option.
    ⦁ Added a "Remember Wheel Angle" option. Original code by MrGTAmodsgerman!


    ⦁ Fixed the 'Hide HUD' option compatibility.
    ⦁ Fixed the 'Show HUD If Phone In Hand Only' option as it didn't hide HUD when a conversation was interrupted not by the player.
    ⦁ Improved the 'Vehicle Force Shield Power' option. It detects all vehicles now.
    ⦁ Improved the 'Wind' option.
    ⦁ Fixed a ridiculous bug in the 'Fuel Consumption' option. It's not working for bicycles anymore.
    ⦁ Improved the 'Keep The Engine Running' option. The engine will be stopped if you hold the exit button for a second. Though it ain't working good for bikes.
    ⦁ Minor text fixes.

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    9 days ago