Rain Effects - Enhancement Script 1.5


NOTICE: This mod does not work on all modded vehicles, because some of them use their own dirt maps. You can still make this mod work on those vehicles by finding the vehicles dirt texture (usually in the vehicles ytd file) and replacing it with the raindrop texture found in the vehshare.ytd provided with this download.

To make use of the menu, you need NativeUI (https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI/releases/download/1.7/NativeUI.zip) installed into the scripts folder!
Default Hotkey for Settings Menu: F5


Many of you already know Per_zeus' raindrop texture mod (https://gta5-mods.com/vehicles/raindrop-texture-beta). But to enjoy the texture you had to manually set your car dirty (i.e. by trainer). Also your car became wet when you drove over dirt, which did not look really realistic.

With this little script the cars will only get wet when it makes sense...
Once it is raining all cars will slowly become wet, and when the rain is over, the raindrops on the cars will slowly disappear/dry again... You can also enable the Raindrops on Screen effect though the settings menu (F5) which makes the raindrops fall on your gameplay camera!

Have fun!

- Vehicles which are covered from rain (under a bridge / garage etc.), now slowly dry. Vehicles already parked there are also dry
- Rewritten Raindrops on Screen Effect fixing some issues and ensuring new raindrops will only appear when the camera is actually under rain and not covered
- Added new settings menu (default key F5) to allow you controll the effects (NOTE: If the menu annoys you you can permanently disable it)

- Installer should now work on all machines (I need some feedback though)

- Readded manual installation method (automatic .oiv install is still included though)
- Minor changes to the path structure

- Updated raindrops on screen effect & textures
- Changed the vehicle_generic_mud texture which might resolve some issues with ugly looking cars
- Changed installer to display information on which files are going to be changed/added
- Updated readme for those who do not want to install using the automatic installer, but prefer to install it on the manual/classic way & added information about the mods folder method

- Added "raindrops on screen" effect. It is disabled by default (because it might annoy some people). In order to enable it go to the settings file ("scripts/raindrops/raindrops.ini") and enable it there by replacing #screenRaindrops=0 with #screenRaindrops=1
- Installation now uses easy One-Click installation Tool by OpenIV (package installer)

- Added config file with three settings: effectIntensity (default is 100%), 'wetTime' (the time it takes until the vehicle is completly wet when it starts to rain) & 'dryTime' (the time it takes until the vehicle is completly dry after rain)
NOTE: You can edit the config file and reload it using the DEL button ingame (that way you don't need to restart GTA5 when messing around with the settings)

- Increased the time it takes for vehicles to completly dry (now about 2 minutes)
- Rewritten they way the script handles spawning vehicles: i.e. vehicles spawning shortly after rain will now still have raindrops instead of being dry (more realistic)

- Improved raindrop textures (especially for the windshield, thanks to kizacudo)
- performance improvement

- slightly improved transition from dry to wet and vice versa
- fixed issue where transition times were depending on your current FPS

- initial release

- Credits: Per_zeus & kizacudo for the raindrop textures
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