Helicopter and VTOL Runway Taxi 1.0


This script mod will detect any helicopter or VTOL aircraft with wheels, and will enable controls to taxi the helicopter (drive it around on the ground, like you can with planes). This opens up many opportunities, such as being able to move helicopters into and out of hangars, taxi to a runway or takeoff area, conduct running takeoffs, etc. It works automatically with any helicopter that has properly configured wheels, including all default wheeled helicopters in the game, and has been tested with multiple custom helicopters by @SkylineGTRFreak including the Jayhawk, Blackhawk, Chinook, and Dolphin.

The mod also works with VTOL aircraft, such as the V-22 Osprey. With a custom configuration file, you can add multiple angles for the VTOL rotors, allowing you to achieve partial rotation. This brings a whole new level of realism to VTOL aircraft.

Plugin requires RagePluginHook. Confirmed working with RPH 0.51+, but would probably work on recent-ish older versions. All controls are bound to the default game controls for helicopter flying. A help prompt will appear in-game when you first enter a wheeled helicopter to remind you. Use the pitch forward/back keys to speed up/down, the yaw keys to turn, and the throttle down key to brake. To take off, just press the throttle up key like usual.

This plugin is free for personal, non-commercial use. Special thank you to all of the members of the Parks Benefactor Program members who have generously donated to support my mods! Members of the Benefactor Program get early access to my beta mods and updates, including the upcoming Coastal Callouts. Parks Benefactors may use this Heli Taxi plugin in videos for commercial use.

Installation is simple, please follow the provided ReadMe file. If you have any problems, feel free to post in the comments here or on the WIP thread linked below.

Please don't ask me to convert this to ScriptHook, or give it a low rating because it's RPH. RagePluginHook has certain API features which made the development of this particular plugin much easier than the other hooks, and I personally prefer developing in RPH. If you're an experienced developer and would like to make a port to SHV/SHVDN, you may PM me about it.
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