SlowMoMod (+ Flash Mode) 0.8a [ASI]


As probably clear by now, development on this mod is discontinued. I'll be giving the source to anyony who is interested and willing to continue developping this mod..

The SlowMoMod was initially thought to give you simple and intuitive control over the timescale of the game. And while you can still do that, the mod has become much more. With the so-called Flash Mode the ability to run normally while in slow motion was added. In other words: you can run (nearly) as fast as you want while watching also those crazy explosions around. Turn one moment into an eternity of action. Ever wanted to be a superhero who doesn't care about time? Now you can!

Huge thanks to @Kokolaty though. He keeps the source code of his Flash Mod open. I learned a lot from that code. You should definitely check his mod out as well!

Make sure you drop both, the .asi file and the SlowMoMod folder containing the sounds to the GTA 5 main directory (basically, keep the folder structure of the .zip archive.

I've setup an email adress for bug reports and contact as well as support: CptProton42@gmail.com.


  1. Install Script Hook V.
  2. Drop the contents of the .zip-file to your GTA 5 directory.
  3. Run and have fun!

Current features
  • Freely adjustable slowmotion by using the '+' and '-' keys.
  • Enable or disable the mod by pressing 'J'.
  • Toggle interface by pressing 'F5'.
  • Configure key bindings and slowmo 'steps'.
  • Beta version of the Flash Mode
  • Basic controller support

  • The .ini file is currently located at C:\Users\\Documents\SlowMoMod\config\slowmo.ini

    Planned features
  • Additions to Flash Mode, rework of the movement system, first person fixing
  • More sound effects.

  • Known issues
  • Movement system of Flash Mode not perfect
  • First person view in Flash Mode very buggy

  • You *will* fly away very easily when you're running to fast and slowmo is not enabled. The extend to that effect is dependend on you're framerate. (You're basically running too fast for your computer.) It might be better to take it slow sometimes.

    Feedback, critique and help is welcome! I'm stil quite new to modding so every tip can help me!

  • The game will now throw an error message if sound files aren't found instead of just crash.
  • Rewrote the "cohesion" to the ground a bit. Should be smoother now.
  • Minor internal improvements.

  • 0.8
  • Added the wall-running feature. Run up walls or even skyscrapers! Accessible via the menu. Most likely still subject to many bugs. Report them!
  • Introduced air control. You'll now be able to "run" through the air. However, steering will be harder and you'll be affected by gravity (the faster you run, the further you'll fly).
  • The brand new debug HUD. Shows various information like important variables. Handy for bughunting. Currently only accessible by changing 'HUD' in the 'Debug' section of the .ini file to 1.
  • Fixed (way too many) nasty bugs.

  • 0.7.2

  • The mod doesn't depend on your framerate anymore. This should especially make navigating in the menu much more consistent.
  • Fixed issues with first person strafing in Flash Mode.
  • Added a debug hud. Currently only accessible by changing the code,
    might add an option to enable it later if neccessary.

  • I know, it's only a small update, sorry for that. I don't have that much time and energy to focus completely on modding currently, so please stay as awesome and patient as you currently are. However, feedback is still very welcome!


  • Added the option to move by using the mouse while in Flash Mode and third person.
  • The Flash Mode doesn't need to be enabled anymore.
  • Some minor optimizations and fixes

  • 0.7

  • You can now run on water in Flash Mode! Enable the ability in the menu.
  • Improved the menu and added submenus.
  • Fixed: You'll no longer start to run when pressing spacebar in Flash Mode

  • 0.6d

  • (hopefully) removed conflicts with ENT

  • 0.6c

  • Added the option to configure the menu controls in the .ini file

  • 0.6b

  • Changed the XInput version to 9.1.0

  • 0.6

  • Added adaptive running animation for Flash Mode
  • Added optional spark effect for Flash Mode

  • 0.5.1

  • added experimental sounds (turn them off in the menu if they're too annoying
  • added extended controller support through XInput

  • 0.5

  • Rewritten in C++, script is now an .asi file
  • The mod now uses an .ini file for configuration.

  • Patchnotes for older versions can be found in the readme.txt.
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