Super Sonic (Higher Aircraft Speed/Altitude w/ Effects) 1.8


UPDATE 1.8 (13.04.2017):
• Now individual settings for each aircraft are possible! (Changed settings file from INI to XML)
• Added "MAX_HEIGHT" option, which determines the maximum height your aircraft can reach.


• Higher aircraft speed
• Afterburner exhaust heat animation (heat haze)
• Sonic Boom audio effect
• Sonic Boom visual effect
• Adjustable maximum height for aircraft
• Cruise control like flying
• Selectable supported aircrafts (also AddOn ones)
• A lot of changeable settings in XML file
• Settings for each individual aircraft

Have you ever thought, that jets in GTA V are slow as hell?
These times are gone! With this mod, your jet can reach speeds up to Mach 2 and beyond, and will accelerate insanely!
And the name says it: A visual and sound effect will occur, when you break the sound barrier!

It also comes which a neat Afterburner heat exhaust animation and much more!

Thanks a lot to the user TheSigui which provided me with sound effects!

So by default the following jets are supported:
• Lazer
• Hydra
• Besra

If you want to support more aircrafts (also AddOn ones):

If you press Key combination LookBehind, Jump and Accelerate (in my case for example C+Space+W) while you sit in a plane, it will automatically be added to the supported aircraft list! (You will be notified by a message above the map)

Enter one of those jets, retract the landing gear, and wait a bit for the afterburner to unleash its full potential! (Afterburner kicks in, if you reach the speed AFTERBURNER_MIN_SPEED which is specified in the XML-file)


By using a so called XML file, now it is possible, to have individual settings for each aircraft, and not general ones!

This means you can have different settings for different aircrafts!

You can change the the maximum speed you can achieve with your aircraft as multiple of Mach 1 (= 340.29 m/s = 1234.8 km/h = 767.269 mph). It is called "V_MAX" in the XML file.

You can also change the jets acceleration multiplier. It is called "ACCELERATION_MULTIPLIER" inside the XML file.

Try to experiement with these values!

Every feature is toggleable in the XML file.
This includes:

• The Afterburner exhaust heat effect (AFTERBURNER_HEAT_EFFECT)
• The Afterburner kick In sound (AFTERBURNER_KICK_IN_SOUND)
• The Super Sonic Boom animation effect (SUPER_SONIC_BOOM_ANIMATION)
• The Super Sonic Boom sound effect (SUPER_SONIC_BOOM_SOUND)

There is a minimum speed option for the Afterburner kick in in m/s (default = 66.67 m/s = 240 km/h = 149.129 mph).
If you are below this speed with running Afterburner, the Afterburner turns off and has to kick in again
In the XML it is called "AFTERBURNER_MIN_SPEED"

"MAX_HEIGHT" option determines the maximum height your aircraft can reach. After reaching that height, your aircraft won't accelerate anymore. It has the unit meter.

If you want your engine to never shut down, which results in better manveurability at low speed, there is also a XML option for that:
If this option is enabled, you can slow the aircraft down without shutting the engine down what results in a stall

With this you can fly like you have cruise control!:
If this option is enabled, your aircraft will keep its speed, after you release the accelerator or braking key.

I recommend to use this mod with a speedometer mod!

Unzip the downloaded file and put the files

• Super_Sonic.dll
• NAudio.dll and the folder
• Super_Sonic (with its contents)

into your scripts directory. If you don't have a "scripts" directory inside your main game directory, create it manually.

You will need the following files (mods) that this will work:
ScriptHookV (place inside main directory)
ScriptHookVDotNet (place inside main directory)
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