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    @owb83021 Hi! I thank you for every suggestion and feedback. In fact, it seems that would be easy to add a "Custom Options" tab, but the tool would stop being a merger to become a handling editor. Apply transformations on values would be a task for an improved handling editor, and it may be interesting to develop from zero. After all there is just one thing I intend to make on the Handling Merger V before a definitive version, that is optimize the merging options for weapons handling data. I could not deliver any of these for now, I don't have free time, but in few weeks I can.

    Before I go, here is a trick:
    1. Create a copy of your basis handling file
    2. Use the Handling Mixer to change the variables with the values you want and apply it for all vehicles
    3. Merge the modified handling file in the non modified, but mark only the vehicles you wish, and the others will be intact.

    Good courage!

    5 days ago
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    @owb83021 I found an issue in a mod. I opened the handling of the Simcade, and the handling of the "BOMBUSHKA" have an comment in XML. The tool was not able to handle with that, I will fix it now. Check the output of the handling that was merged, and see the last included vehicle, go to this on the modded handling, and delete the next vehicle (or remove comments). Thanks for the feedback, you are helping to improve this tool :)

    June 27, 2020
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    @owb83021 If you go to "Add Options" you will see at "Vehicles to add" the vehicles that are lacking. Mark them all and click in Add.

    June 27, 2020
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    Seems to me that Simcade Handling have more lines and vehicles than Realistic Driving 2.5.

    If you has no error when using the Simcade, you can use it as basis instead of Realistic Driving V and so the lines and vehicles that are on the Simcade won't be lost. For do it, install the Realistic Driving V v2.5 first on the mods folder using the package installer of the OpenIV, and after this extract mods/update.rpf/common/data/handling.meta to a folder on your PC, and rename it to killatomate.meta. After this, install the Simcade on the mods folder and extract the handling.meta again on the same folder, but don't rename. Open Handling Merger V, on the option "Select the file with your..." you will select the killatomate.meta, and on the option "Select the handling.meta file..." you will select handling.meta. Mark all the vehicles with exception of the ones of the classes COMMERCIAL and SERVICE, mark all the variables and click in "Merge!". After this, in OpenIV you will replace mods/update.rpf/common/data/handling.meta with the handling.meta.

    If you wish to use Realistic Diving as basis, install Simcade first, extract handling.meta, rename do chang63.meta, and after this install Realistic Diving, extract handling.meta, open Handling Merger V, on the "Select the file with your modified handling data" you will select chang63.meta, on the "Select the handling.meta file you already..." select handling.meta, mark only the vehicles of the classes COMMERCIAL and SERVICE, mark all variables and click on "Merge!". You need to uninstall Simcade first with OpenIV. After this, in OpenIV you will replace mods/update.rpf/common/data/handling.meta with the handling.meta.

    I don't know if these mods change other files. I personally recomend you to backup the folder mods before everything, and once you merged the basis file, put the backuped mods folder where it was. With OpenIV you will just replace the handling.meta on update/update.rpf/common/data/handling.meta with the one you merged, or do it directly on the mods folder.

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    June 16, 2020
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    @owb83021 I think you tried to merge a handling file with much more than 24480 lines on a handling file with 24480. As stated, this tool don't add any lines of the file you want to be merged, only replaces. If you want to make a test, take the biggest file and merge it with itself.

    June 07, 2020
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    @menon Try to check if in handling.meta have some duplicate

    December 27, 2017
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    @Crimson_Bullet84 I have referenced the values for the propelled planes. In these mod these values were used or improved.

    December 17, 2017
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    @nkjellman Let's try to answer your questions.
    - It is not hard to land. You have the total flap control, it means the plane will always decrease its speed if you want.
    - This mod don't take into account the sonic bloom (perhaps in some newer version will consider it). Up to now is unknown what is the maximum speed the planes can take if the sonic bloom were used.
    - The turbulence was reduced as in every mod. The jets and big planes have it removed completely, but the small planes has some slight turbulence.

    December 17, 2017
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    @satyr You can merge the two mods. As @MrVibrating said, just copy the entries in your current update.rpf/common/data/handling.meta file and delete any duplicates.

    December 16, 2017