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Surrender V is a modification for GTA V that offers players the ability to surrender in any scenario, enhancing the realism and immersion of the game. This mod goes beyond the basic arrest mechanics found in the vanilla version by providing a detailed arrest system.


Surrender V provides the ability to surrender on command, the opportunity to escape (when prompted), and being arrested and taken to jail, and more.


Press Z to surrender
F11 to display the menu
Press SPACE to attempt to lockpick the door

Press D-Pad Down and A (Xbox) / X (PlayStation) to surrender.
Press D-Pad Left and B (Xbox) / Circle (PlayStation) to display the menu.
Press A(Xbox) / X(PlayStation) to attempt to lockpick the door

You can change the controls to your preferences in the INI file.

Future updates:

More updates are planned to be released in the upcoming months, including the addition of a court system, bounty hunters, a fully-functioning prison, and numerous improvements.


Lemon UI
Open All Interiors (Or any other mod that does the same thing)


Drag the DLL and INI files into your script folder

Known bugs:

The vanilla busted system can interfere with the script.

Mod conflicts

Better Chases


-Renamed the dll and ini files

-Added controller support
-Fixed the jail timer so it properly displays the time
-Improved the fade in and fade out transitions
-Added a menu option to enable/disable the notification displayed when the player is wanted

1.0.2 - Escape Update
-Added a new feature: the option to attempt an escape from jail.
-Improved vehicle spawning.

1.3 - Quality of Life Improvements (Part 1)
-Improved various help messages
-Improved the message for surrendering to stop displaying after a short amount of time
-Improved the disable ride-to-jail feature
-Fixed the lockpick minigame to detect controller input
-Improved controls
-Fixed the bond-sheet so it properly displays the name of the character
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First Uploaded: April 09, 2023
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