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While thinking about a new update for DumpsterDiving I thought about ways I could integrate similar mechanics into vehicles which then reminded me of Watch_Dogs and thus this mod was born, This is a very quickly made mod as a result of that but still very much so functional and without any bugs that I am aware of at this point in time.

How To Use
There's not much to be said on how to use this mod but basically if you enter a vehicle you will get loot, or just cash. If you get loot you will have to travel to a pawn shop to sell it by walking up to the marker and pressing E when prompted to.
To manually add custom pawn shops just use the existing ones as a template and be sure to add commas between the pawn shops. Same idea goes for adding custom loot.
To automatically add custom pawn shops to the mod press Shift+L then when prompted type in a name for it, a shop will then be placed at your current location. To remove the shop you will have to manually do it by removing the entry from the json

- Looting more than just cars (Bikes, Planes. When looting these it will say storage compartment and not glovebox for realism)
- Easy way to make money if you're playing realistically without cheats
- Pawn shops
- Fully customizable

1. Place the contents of "Mod" into your "scripts" folder
2. OPTIONAL Add more items to the configuration of the mod to add more of a variety. Remember to separate items with commas as seen with the pre-existing ones
3. OPTIONAL Place the configuration tool somewhere (anywhere) on your computer and use it to change the mod settings

- Initial Release

- Added an inventory system
- Added pawn shops
- Cleaned some stuff up with the code

- Fixed an issue where the pawn shops wouldn't pay you

- Removed the source and transferred it to GitHub

- Added the ability to add custom items without editing the json
- Added the ability to enable/disable the requirement for shift to be held to add a pawn shop and item
- Added the ability to change the keys for adding pawn shops and items
- Added enabling and disabling of a 3d marker at pawn shops
- Cleaned up the json and code
- Made the screen fade when pawning your items. Time is increased during this period aswell

- Added a small chance that a vehicle won't contain anything (about 25/100 chance)
- Added a configuration tool so you will never have to even touch the json file to add pawn shops, items, and change settings

Derpy-Canadian - Main idea, writing all of the code
Alex106 - Idea for the entire pawn shop system (seriously, thank you. Without that system this mod would've gone nowhere because I forgot it even existed in Watch Dogs)

You may NOT redistribute this mod without first consulting me
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First Uploaded: February 23, 2019
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