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In earlier GTA games, you could easily write your own mission script to run on the native game scripting engine.
However, due to various reasons (mainly: unreleased compilers, unknown natives, script complexity), no-one could write their own storyline, thus no Total Conversion mods were made for GTA V.
But now, YOU are the ONE who can change this...

This ASI plugin lets you write your own storyline - hence the name Your Own Storyline or YOS for short. (You can even REPLACE the whole map, if you know how to do that!)
It has its own scripting engine, which is well-documented and lightweight. Contrary to simple script mods, it can save and reload a large number of game elements, statistics, internals.

This mod is NOT intended to be compatible with mods, that stick to the original storyline!

The package contains the following things:
- The ASI plugin itself
- Simple mission script compiler
- Readme files. Full documentation about using the mod, and scripting interface. Includes various examples.

The compiler uses a syntax similar to SCM from GTA III/VC/SA, but with different opcodes, and minor syntax difference. To know more about the SCM syntax, check out Sanny Builder, or BW's mission builders!
This mod is not compatible with SCM, only the script text file's syntax is SIMILAR! But the binary format is totally different!

- ASI loader
- ScriptHookV

This mod uses custom menus to Load/Save games, instead of the original GTA 5 menu!
The menu uses some in-game controls:
- Interaction menu ('M' by default): Show/Hide Load game menu
- Forward (Accelerate) ('W' by default): Up
- Backward (Decelarate) ('S' by default): Down
- Enter vehicle ('F' by default): Select/Execute

1.0: first version
  • fixed 0026 opcode
  • new opcode (0048)

  • police restarts are now loaded back from saved game (a code line was missing)
  • money stats added stats database file

  • added: feature check and feature enable opocdes (2 new opcodes)
  • added feature: automatic radar blip handling (5 new opcodes)

  • blip handler can set radius-type blip's alpha now (1 new opcode)
  • improved documentation about 'feature handling'

  • new feature: pickup handler (3 new opcodes, 1 new feature ID - see opcode 004B)

  • new feature: object handler (6 new opcodes), map file handler (2 new opcodes)
  • new feature ID (see opcode 004B)
  • Complete restructured help files

  • object handler object duplication and deletion bugs fixed

  • menu: instructional controls are now shown
  • menu: restructured code (faster)

COMPILER: The new, clever compiler is expected to be operational whithin a week!

What you can expect in the future versions
- Garage saved-cars handler
- Minor bug fixes (if any), complete wide-range tests
- New (clever) compiler
In these days, I have no as much time to mod GTA, as in January. This is the reason, why the development is slow...
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First Uploaded: January 27, 2020
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