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Did you download a nice handling mod, but after a bad install your GTA crashed?
Don't you want to spend a long time merging the handling data manually?
Does the handling mod you downloaded have too many vehicles, when you just want a little piece of it?
Do you want to install a handling mod with too many vehicles, but some values you don't want to change?
Does the handling mod you downloaded lack some of the vehicles your current handling has?

I think your problems are over. With this tool you can easyly merge handling mods.

I just recommend you to always make a backup of your current handling because the changes you make are irreversible.

I hope you have fun merging all the best handling mods you find :)

Obs: this tool is being tested yet, and if you find a bug or just want to make a feedback, it is more than welcome.


For those who downloaded a handling mod:
1 - In "Select the file with your handling data" you will point to the text file that contains a modded handling data that you downloaded. Don't matter what kind of file or what else is written there, the program will crawl it gathering every handling data it found and list they on "Vehicles do Replace" or "Vehicles to Add".
2 - In "Select the handling.meta file you already use" you will point to the file that will receive the handling data from the modded one and will be changed after all. Make a backup of this before everything.
3 - Replace Options gives you the possibility of making changes only on the lines that are in common between the modded handling and the basis handling, it is intended to be safe and recommended.
4 - Add Options gives you the possibility of take lines of the file with modded handling data and paste on the basis handling file. Insert an vehicle or an variable that your GTA don't support will cause an error, and so, be careful making adds, do it little by little testing what your GTA will support or not.

For those who create a handling mod:
1 - This tool is also an handling installer. If your mod consists of change only a little part of the handling data (e.g., collision, turbulence, topspeeds) you can include in your mod an support for this tool, where you just put on the file with modified handling only these lines, and warns the users who will download your mod to mark only the replacing options.

Not all replaces or addings occurred? Not all vehicles were listed? Check first the files you point to. An unclosed expression can cause a lot of vehicles to be unconsidered. This tool implements an XML expressions evaluator, and an strange XML syntax may cause an unpredictable behavior of the tool causing it to discard a lot of mergings. Make a backup first, check on the output file what was successfully included and use it to find problems on the handling files. Found something really strange? Tell on comments what wrong occurred.

Changelog Only replaces lines in common between the basis handling and the modded handling. Add features to insert lines of the modded handling directly on the basis handling, also as fix a problem of recognize comments in XML.
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