Los Santos, San Andreas
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  • E09566 jollyproxy

    @ikt Nice! It seems working perfectly with this last version u linked last.
    Tried it with different moto/cars and no problem at all.
    The only thing it doesnt update is the fuel. I'm actually using "Fuel Script V Mod 0.8".
    As soon as LeFix will update "Simple Fuel" i will 100% back with it.

    October 08, 2017
  • E09566 jollyproxy

    @ikt version 1180.1 (or as indicate in version.txt)

    October 08, 2017
  • E09566 jollyproxy
  • E09566 jollyproxy

    @LeFix u back man??? :D
    Lova ya and ya works dude!
    I go to test it in a while. Thanks ;)

    October 08, 2017
  • E09566 jollyproxy

    @MHDM I have the same problem.
    All cars at minimum but continue to drive, and when trying to pump some fuel the bar still at minimum while moneys go down.
    Dunno why :/

    September 15, 2017
  • E09566 jollyproxy

    How to change the INSERT default key to reload scripts?
    It talks about .ini file to look at, but there is not any .ini file in this last version, and the .xml file doesent permit to change it.

    Any tip guys??

    September 09, 2017
  • E09566 jollyproxy

    @LeFix U r the best dude ;)
    Going to play&test it a bit.

    July 17, 2017
  • E09566 jollyproxy

    Got this error too like some other dudes outta there:
    script hook v error "CORE: An exception occurred while executin 'LeFixspeedo.asi' (0x00007FF95649BF30) id 255 press OK to continue"

    July 15, 2017
  • E09566 jollyproxy

    Italian version:

    noteFull=Serbatoio pieno!
    noteCrit=Benzina quasi finita.....
    noteEmpty=Benzina finita!
    noteRefuel=Rifornimento in corso.....
    noteRefuelInput2=per mettere benzina con la pompa.
    noteBlip=Pompa di benzina
    noteJerryCan2=per mettere benzina con la tanica.

    June 29, 2017
  • E09566 jollyproxy

    Works like a charm and i got NO fps loss at all, no stuttering or other amenities like those.
    Anyway it still almost "flat" about making the world more "lively" and i dunno if it seems to me so because of its too early version or just i was unlucky while playing.
    Saw many blips about cars, green peds using car etc. but nothing about all other things. Any tip ?!?

    May 10, 2017