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    @kwebber321 What? You watch too much Hollywood. That's ridiculous, nobody can instantly die from a bullet that isn't in the center of their brain.
    Almost all gunshot deaths are caused by blood loss, this is true, research it. A shot to the chest can kill, but not immediately, you would need to bleed out from your chest first. But since it takes a long while to bleed out, you can use that time to fight back or run away to avoid further injuries.
    You would need several shots to drop a person (that won't necessarily kill him), although it does depend on a lot of factors like stopping power, bullet trajectory, etc.
    Heck, there have been situations where headshots didn't stop someone from getting up and fighting back (this is why police still cuff people they shoot down).
    Clearly, you don't know how the body reacts to injury and stressful situations. I suggest going to /r/watchpeopledie or watch whatever Zippo Raid watches to improve his violence mod. You would be surprised that humans are very resilient.

    November 13, 2015
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    Does this have working reflections and stuff?

    October 31, 2015
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    It clips a little bit into the right hand, but that's a small detail and it's fine.
    It's still very awesome, I hope you can animate the rest.

    October 28, 2015
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    Does this mean we can have a working revolver now?

    October 28, 2015
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    @Snowtigerjr You need the latest Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook.

    October 24, 2015
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    - Some guys like the bouncer at Vanilla Unicorn will have infinite pistols and are impossible to disarm. Valve pls fix.

    - If the target still has a weapon in their inventory, they should never run or surrender and always fight back with their remaining weapon(s).
    People would surrender with a gun in their hand, that's weird.

    - Cops should never surrender on 3+ stars and SWAT should never surrender.

    - A third chance of the target trying to pick up the gun.
    Is there are animation for that?

    - A config to set chance of disarming and toggle disarming via successive shots.

    - Making stun gun always non-lethal and always make your target surrender.

    Still, you're one of the greatest scripters here, amazing work! You have nice ideas.

    October 24, 2015
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    Whatever you do, don't increase the deformation any higher!
    It makes your car stupidly vulnerable and it feels like you're driving a block of jelly.

    Still, a very amazing mod. Great job and huge effort!

    October 23, 2015
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    This looks like a very fun mod!
    I suggest more ways of being assassinated instead of just a sniper. Maybe have some suddenly appear behind you with a knife. How about have some arrive in a bike wielding a sawed-off or micro-SMG. Or the Zippo Raid attack should have him arrive in a duke of death with an assault rifle.
    Just to make each assassinations vary from each other.

    October 07, 2015
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    Simple yet impressive.
    It would be nice if we could give peds some kind of "pain tolerance" wherein they don't immediately ragdoll when shot and just flinch violently like the player.
    This is realistic since people in real life are very resilient. Almost all gunshot deaths are from blood loss, not the physical trauma.

    October 04, 2015
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    Seems nice, you should add a video.

    October 02, 2015