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    @Dollie Damn
    I actually didn't know that LODs were for! Thanks for the info.

    June 12, 2021
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    @thebegin10 Thank you so much! I thought you meant in Open IV but you meant in Menyoo lmao. This mod is amazing, great work!

    March 07, 2021
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    @thebegin10 Great mod, but I have an issue. The eye textures are not showing up in game no matter what I do. Everything else works except that. I followed the directions perfectly as well.

    March 04, 2021
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    @thebegin10 The eye textures arent showing for me no matter what clothing or texture I change in game. I followed all the install instructions and the eye textures dont show.

    March 04, 2021
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    @LeetSombrero Does this work with enable all interiors?

    March 04, 2021
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    How do you get your females face to look like that?

    March 04, 2021
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    Can someone please explain how to install the "Full outfit for MP Female" by CREATIONS. It says to just drag and drop the files into the mpclothes folder, but I cant find them in Simple Trainer or Menyoo.

    March 03, 2021
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    Can someone please tell me where to replace these files in Open IV. I'm not a fan of the mpclothes addon that the readme says to use because I cant figure it out.

    March 03, 2021
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    I genuinely hate when there is an amazing mod that hasn't been updated in 3 years and it doesn't get the light of day by the dev. This is literally the first mod of its kind and it does a really good job at improving the quality of clips.

    Tips that no-one ever says about EVE:
    1.) If it crashes once or twice, its fine because it will eventually work. Just keep trying to export.
    2.) its recommended to only export 1 to 2 clips at a time (I'll tell you in a minute)
    3.) How to make the editing experience great: I would recommend putting the resolution down in game until the fps is able to be worked within Rockstar Editor. Then once you are done with RE, save the clip and go back into story to put game settings to max.
    4.) Go back into RE and export the clip using EVE
    5.) because you are putting your game settings far beyond a playable framerate, EVE has a tendency to crash if you try and edit too many clips in RE at once.
    6.) Edit the ExtendedVideoExport.ini and export in a png format because it helps preserve quality and this method actually DOES work.
    7.) You can just import the pngs into a sequence using Adobe Premiere

    Here are my ExtendedVideoExport.ini settings:
    fps = 60
    motion_blur_samples = 30
    motion_blur_strength = 0.5
    export_openexr = false

    Here are my preset.ini settings (USE PNG SEQUENCE PRESET):
    format = image2
    extension = %03d.png
    options =

    encoder = png
    pixel_format = rgb24
    options =

    encoder =
    sample_format =
    options =

    I hope this helps people to want to use this amazing mod. I've been using it for years and I know it gets frustrating if you make machinimas or edits a lot, but hang in there. It took me so long years ago messing with the settings until I found what didnt crash often.

    March 01, 2021
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    So ive been trying to export like 7 mins of cut up clips and ive tried all presets including default, and it crashes alittle under half way through export. ive used it once in the past, and it worked but its not now. Maybe i have to make every Project like 2 to 3 clips long at a time? The major improvements of low light performance and motion blur have really drawn me back to using this mod. Hopefully someone can help. https://ufile.io/1ardq thats the log file

    July 15, 2017