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  • 778bf4 screen shot 2017 01 11 at 14.22.01

    @stillhere when is the next updates ? And don’t forget about my ideas please !

    November 30, 2017
  • 778bf4 screen shot 2017 01 11 at 14.22.01

    @stillhere Here is another potential utilization for his strength : https://m.imgur.com/VAAmsMS?r He is so strong that he can dig his fingers and toes into solid materials such as concrete or steel to climb building

    November 12, 2017
  • 778bf4 screen shot 2017 01 11 at 14.22.01

    @stillhere It has only happened in the comic and not yet the movie so no: https://m.imgur.com/YTnl2R2?r
    But I think something similar would be the meteor mod just without the meteor and only the fire bolt

    November 11, 2017
  • 778bf4 screen shot 2017 01 11 at 14.22.01

    @sollaholla You need to add the ability to lift objects like peds, vehicles, etc
    Also, how about making a Daredevil mod after you are done with this ?

    November 11, 2017
  • 778bf4 screen shot 2017 01 11 at 14.22.01

    @stillhere While at it, can you add an attack like this : https://i.imgur.com/yhGjOI6.gif Here is the slo-mo version : https://i.imgur.com/Zdv2fwq.gif

    November 10, 2017
  • 778bf4 screen shot 2017 01 11 at 14.22.01

    @stillhere You need to add bulletproof affect for Thor man. If even Wolverine claw can't through his skin then no bullets or knifes should be able to. Also, you can add two more attacks : "Rain of fire" which is exactly what it soulds like only accompanys by fire-color lighting which hit everything from the sky and "world hurricane" which summons multiple lighting-infused tornadoes togeher with winds powerful to send anythimg near Thor flying, effectively create a force field

    November 10, 2017
  • 778bf4 screen shot 2017 01 11 at 14.22.01

    @stillhere Sorry, these two links don't work so i have to repost them
    Solos a hundred soldiers who are all elite level while in a vey small space with barely any room to manoeuvre : http://imgur.com/a/RNMYZ
    Blocks and dodges bullets after they have been fired : https://m.imgur.com/a/uSWPK
    Also, how about making a "Meteor Drop" attack when you are in the air like this : https://imgur.com/a/Leu3K

    November 09, 2017
  • 778bf4 screen shot 2017 01 11 at 14.22.01

    You welcome. And here are some of his lesser known feats
    A healthy man breaks his hand punching Cap's jaw yet Cap doesn't even feel anything. It is shown that only a robot with superhuman strength hitting him full force can stagger him : https://m.imgur.com/j1RuX9w
    An Olympic level athlete slams agaist him full force yet not only can't he even budge Cap but also hurts himslef in the process : https://m.imgur.com/fTsHvjs
    An entire school which easily weighs tens of thousands of tons falls on top of his head, yet it couldn't even K.O him : https://m.imgur.com/a/pJS82
    A massive explosion that dwarfs all of the skyscrapers in its surrounding and shakes the entire island it is on can't even stun him : https://m.imgur.com/ViEaRxn
    And while he doesn't have invulnerability like Luke Cage and Thor, his skin and muscle tissue are still so hard that glass, which is something that can easily pierce through the most durable human body, jas problem even scratching: https://m.imgur.com/a6OdTxR
    Like i said, he isn't bulletproof but his armor is. Even his original and less durable one can tank like a dozen bullets to tye chest : https://m.imgur.com/uyplaix
    By modern time, bullets simply bounce off his armor: https://m.imgur.com/a/Tt0Pb
    The armor is also durable enough that snake bite can't even scratch it : https://m.imgur.com/fTdUtPU
    It is also fireproof : https://m.imgur.com/SlH64tg
    He hits Tony Stark, who is an atletic man, so fast that Tony can't even percieice or knows what is happening : https://m.imgur.com/s4FZOef?r
    Blitzs multiple soldiers : https://m.imgur.com/a/rEWtE The last panel shows him knocking put two men before their hands can even leave the box they are holding onto
    Catches his shield then turns around to one-shot a soldier all before this soldier can even finish pulling the gun's trigger : https://m.imgur.com/a/Xe0HG
    Bullets shot from 360 degree and yet still fails to tag him : https://m.imgur.com/wHZPKGL
    - Solos a hundred soldiers who are all elite level while in a vey tigh space: http://imgur.com/a/RNMYZ">http://imgur.com/a/RNMYZ
    - Keeps up with Shang-Chi in a spar : http://imgur.com/a/RNMYZ This guy is a casual bullet timer : https://i.imgur.com/R6wV6vT.jpg
    Beats a room filled with superhuman without being touched once : http://imgur.com/a/ISnSx
    Moves fast enough toncreate afterimages : http://i.imgur.com/GgFmteb.gif
    Perceives an arrow, which can move fatser than 300 MPH in slow motion then recats to two explosions pount blank : http://i.imgur.com/aAwXRUW.gif
    His thinking and perception speed is so fast that an arrow shot by Hawkeye doesn't require him to use any effore to dodge : https://m.imgur.com/exSL1Uo Just keep in mind that Hawkeye arrows have been described as moving as fast as a bullet in some occasions
    Block bullets after they have been fired ( you can see the sound of bullets being shot while Cap has his back turned ) : https://m.imgur.com/Cy5MwFT?r
    Blocks and dodges bullets after they have been fired : https://m.imgur.com/a/uSWPK">https://m.imgur.com/a/uSWPK
    - Bullets fired in the top part of the panel while Cap is not in the position of blocking and yet by the next part Cap has already pulled a wheelbarrow out of nowhere to block them : https://m.imgur.com/a/uSWPK
    Dodges and blocks bullets with his shield then explains how he can dodge bullets : http://imgur.com/a/kRbfH
    Cap can use his Chi to enhance his perception speed, as shown when he teaches Spidey how to do it : https://imgur.com/a/ejnyy
    Reacts to an energy beam which both Hulk and Iron Man can't react to : https://i.imgur.com/Ew9wl0M.jpgm Just so you know, both Hulk and Iron Man have shown High Hypesonic+ reaction time in the comic
    His reflexes is described to be lightning-speed : https://m.imgur.com/IraM3Fh

    Maybe to replicate his speed/perception and reflexes, you can add an ability to see the world in slow-mo while Cap still retains some of his speed ? For example : If the world is slow down by a 100% then Cap speed will only be reduced by 10% or if the world is slow down by 50% then Cap speed will only be slow down by 5% ? This will look better than just giving him Flash mod power or Quantum Break mod power

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    November 09, 2017
  • 778bf4 screen shot 2017 01 11 at 14.22.01

    @stillhere Here are some of his other feats
    Lifts Yggdrasil ( https://m.imgur.com/NBmQa8j?r ) which is composed of nine planets and a tree size planet ( https://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/14/146504/2869441-2648021_norse_yggdrasil_full.jpg )
    Wolverine claws which can cut though almost anything can barely pierce his skin ( https://m.imgur.com/EcPuVv4?r )
    Tanks Grandmaster ship exploding with him at the epicenter ( https://m.imgur.com/3ZaB1Vp?r ). This ship is bigger than a small solar system ( https://m.imgur.com/Og2b18h?r )
    Shatters planets from the shockwaves of his blows ( https://m.imgur.com/yTxcu2a?r )
    Makes a rain of fire ( https://m.imgur.com/YTnl2R2?r )
    Creates a hurricane which covers the entire planet ( https://m.imgur.com/oUPMW0v?r )
    Summons the win of a thousand worlds ( https://m.imgur.com/ag4eCq5?r )
    His hammer can absorb almost any kind of energy to amp him or to counterattack with that energy multiply by a hundred fold. This means that explosive weapons like RPG or tank shells will only make him more powerful
    His hammer can bend space and time and travel at twice the speed of light ( https://m.imgur.com/VEauUPH?r )

    November 08, 2017
  • 778bf4 screen shot 2017 01 11 at 14.22.01

    @stillhere x20 for Odin force is kinda low. In the comic, Odin force allows the user to destroy galaxies, while normal Thor is only planetary. The difference between having Odin Force and none Odin force is in the trillion range. Even if we have to reduce that in gta, the damage output should be at least x100 and last for a minute. Also, the output should be increasing by a hundred percent for each passing second. He also has Warrior Madness which increase his strength, damage output and other physical ability by a factor of ten. For a new attack, you should add multiple tornadoes and the ability to redirect flying projectiles like rocket with his hammer. He can levitate even without his hammer too

    November 08, 2017