Nissan 180SX TYPE-X [Add-On | Tuning | NFS2015] 2.0


Welcome guys to my awesome release for the 180sx from Need for Speed 2015 hope you enjoy! If you would like to support me for this mod, you can donate to help me create future updates and more car mods for licensing of the program that I use.

Model: Need for Speed 2015, Forza interior.
Converted by: ElyZium

[Update Release v2.0]
Due to being away for so long, I have lost my place and I don't remember what I was fixing on the 180sx. I will be starting a different vehicle to get a fresh start again to refresh my zmodeler skills. With that being said I will be releasing the source files for this 180sx to the public for anyone that has zmodeler and is wanting to make their own version. It includes the original max file where the vehicle was ripped so you can start from scratch if you want. Also many other parts that I was unable to get to are in there as well. I will come back to the 180sx for an update as soon as I figure out what I need to do with it. It was a great and stressful run with this beauty but I am sure you guys will accomplish big things with this. Enjoy!

You can find the link to the download on my facebook, as I do not want to interfere with the current 1.6 version download on this posting.

[Update Release v1.6]
Reimported carbon fiber spoilers, fixed carbon fiber on front bumpers and uploaded non compressed and original dlc.rpf file that was supposed to be released.

[Update Release v1.5]

    -Fixed issues with normals on all tuning kits and stock kit.
    -Fixed wheels [Still only for rocketbunny for now]
    -Fixed issue with one fender not showing up in game
    -Spoilers are now mostly carbon fiber like in the orginal nfs 2015 game.
    -Added two HD engines [SR20DET, RB34]
    -Added 17 steering wheels [by Ezio_Cuenca]
    -Added 8 new seats [by Ezio_cuenca]
    -Added 1 new exhaust and changed textures for the others
    -Added 4 hoods from nfs 2015
    -Glass is now breakable
    -Updated some interior materials
    -New animated popup lights
    -Turned off both fender indicators in the front
    -Suspension values lowered, car is now even front to back.

Coming in the next update:

    Sil80 Front End
    Cambered version
    NFS 2015 Wheel Pack
    180SX SOUNDS


    Rocket Bunny v1 Bodykit
    Rocket Bunny v2 Bodykit
    Origin Bodykit
    BN-Sports Bodykit
    Spirit Rei Bodykit
    Rocket Bunny Spoilers
    Recaro and Bride Seats [Use bennys garage to apply seats]
    Working Animated Popup Lights
    Hands on wheel
    All doors open properly
    Rollcage is optional [You can toggle this option off by choosing extras in your trainer]
    Working Speedometer
    Rear seats are accessible
    High Quality 3D RB34 & SR20DET engines [Secondary Paint changes colors]
    BBS RS stock wheel
    Breakable Glass
    17 Steering Wheels
    New 3D engine bay
    New 3D Undercarriage
    New suspension
    3D Transmission

Thanks for downloading my mod! :)

VERY IMPORTANT IF GAME CRASHES FOR YOU, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE GAMECONFIG ADD-ON CRASH FIX HERE: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-for-patch-1-0-757-2-update-at-each-r-update

To spawn use: ntypex

Screenshots Cred: Ryukou
Underbody & Engine Bay help: DefendMyCereal
I have to give credit and thanks to my bro who helped me add the seats and the steering wheels!: Ezio_Cuenca
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First Uploaded: July 11, 2016
Last Updated: August 02, 2016
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