Heists DLC (Mission Maker) 3.0


Get ready for one of the biggest adventures to ever come to Story Mode!

Heists DLC is a re-imagining and remake of the 2015 Apartment Heists from GTA Online, except that this time, everything is playable in Single Player.

Ranging from robbing banks to fighting gang members to working for the government to steal confidential data, Heists DLC will provide fun n' explosive action, tons of nostalgia and plenty of variety for players to enjoy!

Check out The IAA Sting Job Trailer! - A brand new intense Heist added in the 3.0 Update!

Check out the Launch Trailer!


Mission Maker

Simple Trainer - Required to enable MPMaps. You DO NOT need the Open All Interiors mod!

Optional but highly recommended mods to use:

RAGEuphoria (Ragdolls behave more similarly to GTA IV)

Scores & Cutscenes Menu (Enables you to play various mission music tracks)

Don't Writhe! (NPCs will not go in a "bleeding out" state, similar to GTA Online)

Installation steps are included in a readme text file with the mod.


- Enable MPMaps before playing any of the missions or you'll load into nothing. You DO NOT need the Enable All Interiors mod, you only need MPMaps enabled and that's it.

- Heists DLC comes with 23 Missions at launch and 8 added missions by updates:

1. Fleeca Job II (2 Setups)
2. Prison Break II (3 Setups)
3. The Humane Labs Raid II (4 Setups)
4. The Series A Funding II (4 Setups)
5. The Union Depository Job (4 Setups)
6. The LD Organics Startup (3 Setups)
7. The IAA Sting Job (3 Setups) [NEW]
8. The Diamond Casino Heist (Bonus Beta Heist Mission)

- Rockstar-Tier quality for nearly all the missions, carefully crafted by a very passionate GTA Player with over 3000+ hours of GTA V Experience. I pushed Mission Maker to it's limits with some of the missions.

- Extremely lightweight and easy to install, requiring nothing more than just enabling MPMaps. No custom mods or complex installation process is needed here.

- Refrain from using cheats such as God Mode, Infinite Ammo, etc as missions have been carefully balanced to be fairly challenging and fun. You'll only impact your own enjoyment and defeat the entire purpose of playing this DLC if you use cheats.

- This pack will keep being updated with new heists in the future every time I get inspired to work on something new.


NEW HEIST - The IAA Sting Job - It's time to lend a hand to your old buddy. Franklin has received an interesting contract in his Agency, where he is asked to retrieve the lost laptop of a client. Since his mute partner is oddly unavailable for some unknown reasons, Franklin contacts Michael to handle the job. A simple job for a simple paycheck, what could possibly go wrong?

Made "Prison Break II - Setup 2" slightly easier when it comes to the cops.

Updated the credits name to my current Steam Name.

NEW HEIST - The LD Organics Startup - Reunite with the original trio as you help kickstart Lamar's newest business opportunity, finishing off with an explosive Finale and making a pretty coin while you're at it...

Changed the Getaway Helicopter's location to Sandy Shores in "The Union Depository Job" Heist to make the mission slightly easier.

Corrected "Headshot Attributes" for the new enemy types during 2 of the setup missions.

Initial Release.
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