Improved Texture Project 1.3


Improved Textures will be an on-going project, in which I will be increasing the resolution of in-game textures and/or changing the textures to something else better looking. I will double up on resolution, so if an existing texture was 512 it will get bumped up to 1k, or if 1k, becomes 2k.

This is just a tiny sample of what's to come. I choose to start in the downtown area of the game, just because I am looking for unrelated textures I have planned for other mods in the future. This project will get incremental updates until I am satisfied that all lower quality textures have been replaced.

Changelog 1.1 Converted more grass to higher resolution and better looking, custom tile textures near FIB building, and a new high resolution ground texture for a car park downtown. See last three screenshots.

Changelog 1.2 Pillbox Hospital has new, higher resolution brick texture, inside tile flooring, and now reflects it's real-World counterpart Dignity Health California Hospital Medical Center".

Changelog 1.3 New ground and wall textures, gravel, pavement brick, and stucco. I am certain that most of these will be in the area where the hobos hang behind Vanilla Unicorn under the bridge. Next update promises to be a bit more interesting. Stay tuned for more soon!

Installation: The path to the location of where these textures go, are included in the Improved Textures folder inside the zip archive.

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