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  • 4cf88d me

    @DAVIV-GUETTA I have been struggling with the same issue, and have a system very similar to your own. What I have noticed is that textures are failing/pr slow to load once you achieve a wanted level greater than 3, PARTICULARLY in the city, not so much in the countryside.

    I should note that my gameconfig is modified to exponentially increase ped and vehicle densities beyond vanilla state. At present, I am 4.2 Gb vRam under-budget on my GTX 1070, and still this is an issue. I have been removing many vehicle replacements and replacement peds to combat this, and yet it remains an issue. Now I am turning my focus to other changes to the gameconfig/trying to control how many police show up as my wanted levels increase. If I get the issue nailed down, I will tag you with a solution. Oh yeah, another thing I have been doing is disabling a lot of SPA apartments to free up more vRam. I am astonished, though, that somehow an extra free 4 Gb of Vram is not enough. Something else is afoot, but what? @Dilapidated ?

    11 hours ago
  • 4cf88d me

    @ImNotMentaL This mod works fine, but my logs keep filling up with the below -

    4/25/2017 8:33:11 AM:Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: key at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.FindEntry(TKey key)
    at INMNativeUI.UIMenu.BindMenuToItem(UIMenu menuToBind, UIMenuItem itemToBindTo)
    at SinglePlayerApartment.Mechanic.CreateVehMenuApartments(UIMenu MenuCategory, UIMenuItem MenuItem, String PathDir)

    I am concerned that this is causing me performance issues. Isn't there a way to say "no" to debugging?

    In the settings file, I have debug set to off -

    //Show Debug Message
    Debug "False"

    12 hours ago
  • 4cf88d me

    @Qwertymods x64l.rpf levels gta5 _cityw beverly_01 bh1_48.rpf

    3 days ago
  • 4cf88d me

    @Qwertymods Glad to see you being thorough about this - I have mixed some of your textures with my own. Note: I have started restexturing Michael's outside home, maybe soon I will put something out there.

    4 days ago
  • 4cf88d me

    Why is THIS being allowed, as it is NOT a mod, it's just someone's shitty-ass settings file, which any idiot can modify on their own, NOT to mention the fact that this site already has a hundred of these as it is.

    5 days ago
  • 4cf88d me

    @Pumuckl Good work, but you need to change "Blaine County" to say "San Bernardino County".

    6 days ago
  • 4cf88d me

    @HermanDude It doesn't work for you, so you give the dude five stars, LOL.

    6 days ago
  • 4cf88d me

    He's just trying to make up for that cheap act he pulled with stealing the anticipated GTA Space mod, LOL.

    7 days ago
  • 4cf88d me

    @Biggdogg Author
    @eshenk is this the bean machine umbrellas?

    I just saw this question now. They didn't change did they? *SIGH* There are other branded parasols that have also alluded me as well, and I went through every prop I could find. I will try to do some more searches, and if I find them, I will do them myself, and provide you a link, or I will tag you with their location.

    8 days ago
  • 4cf88d me

    @Biggdogg Also another tip: Make sure mipmaps levels are correct for the textures you are replacing. What I do, is I review the texture properties of the vanillas first, to see how it is compressed, and what the mipmap levels are. Typically, a 512X512 diffuse texture will be compressed at DXT 1 and mipmaps at 8, while a normal map would be DXT 5 with mipmaps at 8, 1K would be mipmaps at 9 and 2k at 10, etc.

    If I am increasing the resolution of a vanilla, I account for that also, i.e., 512X512 at DTX1 and 8 mipmaps now will be DXT1 and 9 mipmaps at 1k.

    .ydr files? What I do, is I make my texture, drag it into any random .ytd in OpenIV, click properties, set the compression rate and mipmaps, export somewhere, and then drag that same texture directly into said .ydr, so that it mimics the same patterns that R* follows.

    8 days ago